10 Best Isekai Villains, Ranked

The Isekai genre, known for transporting characters from their mundane world to fantastical realms, has gained massive popularity in anime and light novels. However, what truly elevates these stories are not just the heroes who adapt and thrive in new worlds but also the villains who challenge them.

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These antagonists range from manipulative overlords to vengeful deities and skilled warriors. Their motives can be as varied as their powers, from seeking to impose their vision of order to simply sowing chaos. Whether they’re morally ambiguous figures or embodiments of pure evil, the best Isekai villains captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impact.

10 Gelmud – That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Gelmud is a minor antagonist in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. He’s a demon who seeks to manipulate events from behind the scenes, bestowing names upon monsters to make them stronger while expecting loyalty in return.

Gelmud has his eyes on the protagonist, Rimuru, and the burgeoning monster community that he leads. His ultimate aim is to create a Demon Lord, and he believes that he can achieve this objective by manipulating certain creatures. However, Gelmud is not that powerful, and his schemes eventually catch up with him.

9 Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti – Re:Zero

Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti from Re-Zero

Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti is a major antagonist in Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World. As a member of the Witch Cult, he is fanatically devoted to the Witch of Envy, Satella, and aims to bring about her resurrection. Eccentric, manic, and often unpredictable, Betelgeuse is notorious for his twisted sense of love and devotion.

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His appearance is disheveled, and his actions are highly theatrical, making him a disturbing and memorable character. He is a formidable foe to the series’ protagonist, Subaru Natsuki, testing his physical strength and emotional resilience.

8 Zorzal El Caesar – Gate

Zorzal El Caesar from GATE

Zorzal El Caesar is an antagonist from the series GATE, which follows the adventures of the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) as they explore a fantasy world through a mysterious portal. Zorzal is the Empire’s Crown Prince in this other world and embodies the worst traits of a spoiled, cruel aristocrat.

He is disdainful of the men in green, as he calls the JSDF, and is stubbornly resistant to change, even when faced with the overwhelming technological superiority of the modern world. His actions escalate tensions and conflicts, making him a compelling isekai villain.

7 Sariel – The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Sariel from The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Sariel is a villain in the anime series The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Initially appearing as a charming young man, he is, in reality, a high-ranking angel in Heaven’s army. Sariel comes to Earth to capture Emi Yusa and eliminate Sadao Maou, the Devil King working part-time in fast food.

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Unlike the usual portrayal of angels as benevolent beings, Sariel is manipulative, arrogant, and ruthless in achieving his goals. His willingness to manipulate events and people for what he believes is the greater good makes him a complex villain in the Isekai landscape.

6 Sofia Bulger – Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

Sofia Bulger from Tsukimichi- Moonlit Fantasy

Sofia Bulger starts off as an antagonist in the series Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy. Sofia’s character is an intriguing example of how villains in isekai stories can have nuanced motivations beyond simple notions of good and evil. As a powerful vampire and a highly skilled warrior, Sofia is initially hostile towards the protagonist, Makoto Misumi.

Over time, however, her character undergoes significant development, challenging traditional villain archetypes. What makes Sofia intriguing is not just her raw power but her complex motivations and evolving relationship with Makoto.

5 Pope Balmus – The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Pope Balmus from The Rising of the Shield Hero

Pope Balmus is an antagonist in The Rising of the Shield Hero. As the head of the Church of the Three Heroes, Balmus wields significant influence and uses it to manipulate public opinion against Naofumi, the Shield Hero.

He orchestrates elaborate schemes to discredit Naofumi and the other heroes, painting them as heretics or incompetents. Driven by a self-righteous belief that he alone understands the will of the gods, Balmus is willing to go to great lengths, even using forbidden magic, to achieve his ends.

4 Ainz Ooal Gown – Overlord

Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord

Ainz Ooal Gown, the protagonist of Overlord, is a complex figure who straddles the line between hero and villain. Originally a player in a virtual MMORPG, he finds himself trapped in a fantasy world as his in-game character, an undead Overlord.

Armed with powerful magic and leadership over various monstrous beings, Ainz seeks to understand this new world while expanding his dominion. While he initially appears compassionate and just, his moral compass is increasingly skewed as he prioritizes his objectives over the lives of the world’s native inhabitants.

3 Laplace – That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

LaPlace from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Laplace is a character from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, where he serves as a member of the moderate clown troupe. Donning a playful, almost whimsical demeanor, Laplace is deceptive, masking his cunning nature and combat prowess.

He’s a manipulator, interested in sewing chaos and tipping the balance of power for amusement. He is an intelligent and unpredictable antagonist for Rimuru and his allies, making him a memorable villain. His blend of joy and ruthlessness creates an eerie, unsettling aura that heightens the tension and stakes of the story.

2 Oliver Schtrom – Wise Man’s Grandchild

Oliver Schtrom From Wise Man's Grandchild

Oliver Schtrom is a notable antagonist in the Wise Man’s Grandchild. Once a brave knight, he becomes disillusioned and transforms into a demonized being after a series of tragic events. Driven by a sense of betrayal with humanity, he embarks on a path of destruction to bring down the existing social order.

His newfound demonic powers and strategic thinking make him a formidable force. As a villain, he doesn’t just serve to challenge the physical capabilities of the protagonist, Shin Wolford, but also serves as an ideological challenge.

1 Heathcliff – Sword Art Online

Heathcliff from Sword Art Online

Heathcliff, also known as Kayaba Akihiko, is the primary villain of the first arc of Sword Art Online. He is the genius developer behind the virtual reality MMORPG that traps thousands of players, including the protagonist Kirito, in a life-or-death struggle. He initially poses as a benevolent guild leader.

Heathcliff’s true identity is a shock to the players. His motivations are complex; he dreams of creating a world not bound by the limitations of reality, but his methods are morally reprehensible, putting lives at risk for his vision.

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