Forget crunches — this neck-friendly ab workout sculpts your core in 7 exercises

If you finish most of your ab workouts with your neck aching as much as your mid-section, this workout is one to try. Often, neck pain during your ab workouts, especially exercises like sit-ups and crunches, is a sign you haven’t quite got your form right, and that your abs aren’t working as hard as they should be. If you want to work on your abdominal strength without putting any extra strain on your neck, this neck-friendly ab workout sculpts your core in just seven exercises. 

As a reminder, your neck should never be straining during any abdominal exercises. It’s a common form mistake during a lot of ab exercises, including Russian twists and V-ups, but you should always be flexing and engaging your core muscles, not your neck. If you do find your neck strains, you can always place your hands gently behind your neck to take some of the stress off, but be sure to keep your head neutral. You shouldn’t be pulling or twisting your neck; think of your hands as gently cradling your head. 

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