How To Find The Planet From Halo Reach

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Bethesda has always enjoyed hiding easter eggs in its massive open-world games, and Starfield is no exception. This galaxy with 1,000 planets to explore is an incredible sandbox to hide easter eggs from previous titles, and this time, it’s an entire planet.

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The Planet Reach is a large point in the lore of the Halo universe while also being the location of the game Halo: Reach. While you won’t be able to find any Covenant or Spartans fighting over the planet, players can find a planet itself that is eerily similar to Reach.

Where To Find Reach

To find this planet, make sure you have a ship that can make 16 light-year jumps, and look towards the bottom left corner of the galaxy map. In the corner will be the Eridani system, with the second planet from the sun being Eridani II. This planet is fairly safe to travel to, with only a few hostile wildlife to worry about. The air is breathable, and it’s one of the few planets you can explore without your spacesuits.

How Is This Planet Like Reach

Eridani II From The Surface

This planet doesn’t have any direct links to the Halo series in terms of enemies to fight or weapons to find, as, for the most part, it is just another planet in Starfield’s galaxy. The correlation comes from the name of the system, Eridani, and its counterpart from the Halo universe: Epsilon Eridani. In the Halo universe, one of the planets in the Epsilon Eridani system is Reach. Eridani II has a lot of the same biomes and look of Reach from before the Covenant invasion, making this planet itself a vision of Reach in a different universe.

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What Is On Eridani II

Eridani II Being Scanned From Space

For those wanting to explore this planet a bit more, there are 7 Flora and 7 Fauna to find and scan. There are also eight resources to be mined: Chlorine, Fluorine, Nickel, Cobalt, Gold, Water, Copper, and Iron. There are also three traits to be found and scanned, and completing it all will result in survey data that can be sold for a few credits. Luckily, the alien life on this planet won’t be firing plasma weapons at you, making surveying much easier than if it were the real Reach.

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