How To Get A Home In Neon

Starfield is an RPG that allows you to create the character of your dreams to explore the Settled Systems as. Whether you want to play as one of the good guys or tap into your evil side, you will have the opportunity to explore your character.

RELATED: Starfield: All Major Cities And Their LocationsOne way you can create your dream character is by finding homes in the game that fit with your character’s aesthetic. If you want to live in a sleek and modern apartment in New Atlantis or in a rundown Sleepcrate in Neon, you can. Here’s how you can get the two homes in Neon.

Where Is Neon?

Neon is a city that is known for its party atmosphere and lifestyle. In the city, the drug Aurora is legal, meaning you can buy and sell it within the city limits. Neon is located on the planet named Volii Alpha. This planet is solely water other than Neon, so you cannot miss the city. This planet is within the Volii Solar System and is located relatively close to Alpha Centauri and other major systems you will need to travel to during the game.

The Ebbside Sleepcrate

Starfield - Apartments Sleeping Crate

The Ebbside Sleepcrate is the cheapest (and easiest) home to get in the entire game (unless you count the free homes). The Sleepcrate offers the player one room with a bed, shelf, and bathroom. As the name suggests, it is a very tiny home that is built inside a shipping crate, making it extremely affordable. If you want to purchase this home, you will need to speak to Izna, the Sleepcreate manager. She is located right inside the Ebbside entrance near Enhance. For 6,500 Credits, Izna will sell the place to you. If you’d rather rent the space, it will cost you around 300 Credits a night or 2,000 Credits for an entire week. If you buy it, you will be able to store items in it and come back for them at a later time.

The Sky Suite

Starfield - Apartments Neon Sky Suite

The Sky Suite is the most expensive housing option in the game, and it honestly isn’t even that great. The entire apartment is an open concept. There is the kitchen area and bathroom upstairs and downstairs is one large room. There is just enough space to add a bed and some equipment, but not much else. However, there is a balcony that overlooks Neon City, so if this is your favorite city in the game, you may want to buy it. In order to purchase it, you must speak to Boone, the bartender in the Astral Lounge. He will sell the apartment to you for 250,000 Credits, a ridiculous amount for so few amenities. However, it is the best place to live in Neon.

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