What happened to Sajin Komamura?

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In the latest episode of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War, the captain of Squad 7, Sajin Komamura, fought the powerful Quincy Sternritter E – The Explode Bambietta Basterbine. This time, Komamura was sporting a completely different form and immense power.

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After Bambietta’s Vollstandich was activated by Yhwach, she gained the upper hand against Shinji Hirako, who was using his Shikai, Sakanade, to disable her and defeat her easily. With her Vollstandich, Shinji was easily defeated. This made Sajin come back to save him and his lieutenant, Momo Hinamori.

Why Is Sajin The Way He Is?

Sajin is a member of the Beast Clan. The Beast Clan consists of who were sent to the Animal Realm after death as penance for the sins they committed in their past lives. They were then sent to the Soul Society like most other souls, where they gained their werewolf appearance.

Sajin lived most of his life hidden, concealing his face due to his origins. However, the former Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, Shigekuni Genryuusai Yamamoto, took him in and trained him as one of their own. He later met Kaname Tosen, who would become his close friend.

Thanks to his distinct lineage, Sajin possesses immense physical strength, endurance, enhanced senses, and the ability to communicate with animals. Combined with his destructive Bankai, Kokujo, Tengen My’oh, Sajin is a powerful and durable fighter. He is also fiercely brave and loyal.

Why Did Sajin Take This Path?

Sajin Komamura Jinka Technique Bleach TYBW

Sajin owed his life to Captain Yamamoto who, despite the prejudice against his kind, welcomed Sajin into the Gotei 13 and saw him as one of his own. This kindness let Sajin be a valuable and respected protector, making the perception of the Beast Clan turn for the better.

During the First Quincy Invasion, Yhwach, the Quincy King, defeated and killed Captain Yamamoto, leaving not even a trace of his body. The loss completely crushed the morale and pride of the Gotei 13. At this moment of great grief and anger, Sajin sought power to avenge his master, and he knew he would find it with his great-grandfather, the Elder Wolfman.

This desire for revenge and with it, forsaking his life, ironically goes against what Sajin told his friend Tosen as he died during the battle at Fake Karakura Town. Like Tosen, Sajin was consumed by his desire to avenge someone close to him, and he lost his life in the process.

What Happened To Sajin?

Bleach TYBW Sajin Komamura Turned Into a Full Wolf

The Elder Wolfman gave Sajin the Jinka Technique, a forbidden ability the Beast Clan possesses that allows them to regain their human form from past lives in exchange for their literal heart. This allows them to become immortal and indestructible for a short period of time, as well as enhancing their power.

Sajin planned to use this form to defeat Yhwach and avenge Yamamoto, but the threat of Bambietta Basterbine was something he couldn’t ignore. So, Sajin used this great power to defeat her with ease.

After the fight, the time for the transformation ran out, and Sajin was met with the ultimate price to pay for this technique. He turned into a wolf with no ability to speak or fight as he used to. He’s no longer a wolfman shinigami, but an ordinary wolf. His loyal lieutenant, Tetsuzaemon Iba, carried him on his back, looking after him from now on.

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