Where To Find The Colander

The Colander is a large ship that is currently stranded without power and isn’t answering hails; here’s where to find it in Starfield.

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Starfield’s biggest selling point to many was the 1,000 worlds that offer countless hours of side content and exploration to engage in. While all of these planets do have their own content and stories to tell, there are also the orbits around these planets.

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The orbit around each planet and moon can be flown around, holding further secrets for players to find. The Colander is one of these secrets that may seem like just another ship at first that players will want to investigate after noticing its power is down and the crew isn’t responding.

Where To Find The Colander

The Colander's Location On The Galaxy And Solar Map

The Colander is located in the Schrodinger system towards the middle of the galaxy. Getting here will require a grav drive that can make 30 light-year jumps to reach. Be warned this system has a recommended level of 65, and the Colander will uphold that challenge level. The Colander is currently in orbit over Schrodinger III and has a white ship icon letting players travel straight to it.

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What Is In The Colander

The Interloper On The Colander

The Colander is a mini-dungeon player can explore, with an extra level of creepiness to it. This ship has lost almost all of its power, and making your helmet flashlight very useful. Upon entering the ship, you can explore safely, ignoring any enemy marker that appears on your mini-map.

Explore the ship and loot its many chests and lockers, making your way through the vents to find the mainframe computer and a contraband chest if you wish to make some real credits. After reaching the mainframe and opening all the doors, you’ll gain access to the laboratory. Here, you’ll find the creature responsible for the ship and its crew’s current condition. The Interloper is a powerful enemy but the only one on the ship. After clearing out the alien, clean the ship out and take your loot.

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