Best leather cases for iPhone 15 series in 2023

Apple isn’t making any first-party leather cases this year, so we’ve got you covered with some alternatives.

The iPhone 15 series is finally here, with camera improvements, new chips on the Pro models, and new colors and chassis materials. It’s shaping up to become one of the best 5G smartphones, with advanced connectivity and the promise of tons of performance.

It’s worth noting, though, that Apple decided to discontinue any leather accessories this year as part of its commitment to becoming carbon-neutral by 2030. Instead, the first-party premium cases use a material called FineWoven that’s made from post-consumer recycled plastics. That’s left third-party case manufacturers to fill the void for those who desire a leather case. I’ve been looking around and have listed my favorites below.

Each model has a version to fit all four devices in the iPhone 15 series, so you can pick the one you like the look of without worrying it won’t fit your iPhone.

  • Nomad Modern Leather Case for iPhone 15 Series

    Editor’s choice

    There are a lot of manufacturers making leather cases, but none quite like Nomad. You get full grain leather that patinas over time, and it’s responsibly sourced, so you can feel as good about using it as it feels under your fingers.

  • aioria premium leather case for iphone 15 series

    AIORIA Leather Case for iPhone 15 Series

    Best value

    If you’re after an affordable but classy way to protect your iPhone 15, this case from Aioria is the way to go. It’s got real leather, a hard bumper to protect the edges of your phone, and an internal silicone layer to protect from bumps and jolts.

  • bellroy leather case for iphone 15 series

    Bellroy Leather Case for iPhone 15 Series

    Premium pick

    Bellroy knows a thing or two about luxury leather, and has used that know-how to craft one of the sleekest iPhone cases around. It comes in three colors, the leather stretches edge-to-edge around the case, and the microfiber lining will keep your phone scratch free.

  • mujjo wallet leather case for iphone 15 series

    Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 15 Series

    Best wallet case

    If you don’t want to keep virtual cards in Apple Wallet, how about some physical cards on the back of your iPhone? This wallet case from Mujjo has full grain leather, metal buttons, and a beautifully stitched holder for up to three cards.

  • torro leather case for iphone 15 series

    Torro Leather Case for iPhone 15 Series

    Folio style

    Torro makes a few leather cases for iPhones, but this particular one has a folio design, perfect for keeping your iPhone 15 horizontal at night for using StandBy mode as a bedside clock. It’s also pretty good at protecting your device.

  • lonli edition european leather case for iphone 15 series

    LONLI Edition European Leather Case for iPhone 15 Series

    Nappa leather

    Most of the cases on this list feature full grain leather, and why shouldn’t they as it’s nice to hold. This case from Lonli has European-sourced leather, is compatible with MagSafe accessories, and has raised edges to protect the cameras from bumps as well.

  • monsoon alpha leather holster case for iphone 15 series

    Monsoon Holster Style Case for iPhone 15 Series

    Holster style

    If you’re the type that likes a holster case, this monsoon Alpha is for you. It’s genuine leather with elastic sides to hug your smartphone tightly. That’ll stop you from dropping it accidentally, and the fact it’s clipped to your belt means you won’t leave it behind.

  • mous limitless 5.0 leather case for iphone 15 series

    Mous Leather Case for iPhone 15 Series

    Slim pick

    Mous makes some pretty slim and stylish cases, and this particular model has a real leather inlay on the back, perfect for gripping. It’s shockproof, MagSafe compatible, reinforced with polycarbonate, and won’t bulk out your pocket. Sounds like a winner to us.

There are tons of great leather cases for the iPhone 15 series

The best thing about the iPhone isn’t necessarily the device itself; it’s the robust ecosystem of third-party accessories. Even though Apple isn’t making its own leather cases this year, there are tons to choose from with well-known names like Bellroy and Nomad, right through lesser-known names like Mous. All use leather to varying degrees, from inlays to edge-to-edge wraps, and will keep your smartphone protected.

If I had to pick one of these cases, it would be the Nomad. I’ve got many other accessories from the brand, and the quality is unmistakable. Buy it, use it, and love it, probably for as long as you own the iPhone 15. The anodized aluminum buttons will be pleasing to press, it has lanyard attachment points if you use one, and it’s MagSafe compatible. The best thing is that the leather is responsibly sourced, so you can enjoy your fine, full grain leather with a clean conscience.

If leather’s not your thing, check out our collection of the best iPhone 15 cases, to find something more your style.

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