How to overseed your lawn in the fall and when to do it

Fall is almost here, which means we can slow down the upkeep on our lawns. We don’t need to mow so often (here’s when you should stop mowing for the winter), or water the space as regularly. Having said that, your work’s not done yet. Fall is a prime time for overseeding, which gives your grass a chance to bounce back from any damage taken over the summer. It’s ideal for filling in bare patches and priming your lawn in time for the winter; more small scale versus learning how to plant grass seed in full. 

But, how should you overseed your yard and when is the best time to do it? Method and timing is everything when it comes to this chore. Get things right and you will be rewarded with a thick and complete lawn, but get things wrong and the frost can ruin your results and waste your efforts. 

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