Should You Purchase The Evicted Sleepcrate?

Starfield is a game that allows you to make some pretty difficult choices. Sometimes you will have to choose whether you want to save a certain character, and other times you may have to decide what side to pick. No matter what, there will be some difficult choices.

RELATED: Starfield: Where Is House Va’ruun LocatedOne choice that isn’t too terrible (but is still an important choice) is whether you should buy the evicted sleepcrate from Izna, the sleepcrate manager (and woman who will sell you one of the homes in Neon). Here’s a guide to whether or not you should purchase this.

How Do You Get The Evicted Sleepcrate?

In order to purchase the evicted sleepcrate, you will need to go to the Ebbside area of Neon. While you’re here, you could join the Ebbside Strikers and rid Neon of its gangs. Once there, you will want to head over to Izna at the sleepcrate area. She will offer to sell you a sleepcrate that someone was just evicted from for 1,000 Credits. She says whatever is inside is yours. From here, you will need to either say yes or no.

Is It Worth It To Buy The Evicted Sleepcrate?

Starfield - Apartments Sleeping Crate

The short answer is no, you should not buy this evicted sleepcrate. However, it may be worth it in the long run. She mentions that there could be something worthwhile in there. However, once you go inside, you will find absolutely nothing in the sleepcrate. There is an empty pharmaceutical kit and a mug. Other than that, you will find absolutely nothing. If you purchased the sleepcrate, you just wasted 1,000 Credits. However, this does open you up to purchasing three more sleepcrates.

Should You Buy Other Evicted Sleepcrates?

Starfield - Neon City Street

The second evicted sleepcrate costs you another 1,000 Credits. Thankfully, this one has Harvested Organs. However, they are contraband, so you will need to sell them before leaving Neon. You will also need high Skills in order to get your money’s worth from them. If you purchase the third sleepcrate, you will find nothing at all. In the fourth (and final) sleepcrate, you will find 1,000 Credits, a weapon, some ammo, and a medpack. Overall, you can probably make your money back if you end up going to all four sleepcrates.

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