Starfield: Mining Guide

Quickly into Starfield, players will be introduced to the Cutter and how to mine resources. There are many resources able to be found in the galaxy, each being used for various upgrades, crafting, or building outposts on distant planets.

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The galaxy is full of countless planets to explore, and while they may not all have outposts of bandits or crazy-looking alien species, all of them will have resources to mine. Mining is a core aspect of many of the mechanics in Starfield, making it a very necessary activity to engage with.

Updated On September 21st, 2023, By Joshua Leeds: Mining gas resources is a slightly different process than mining solid resources. This article has been updated to include information on mining gas resources along with what can be done with all resources.

Identifying Resources

When looking at a planet from the system map, you can select the “Show Resources” option to change the display of the planet. This new display will show just how much of each resource is on a planet and where you’ll need to go to find the resource. Use this version of the map to determine your landing point and land near the resource you want to mine.

Upon reaching the planet, open up your scanner to be able to identify resources and equip your Cutter. A Cutter is a necessary mining tool and is required to mine any resource. Should you not have a Cutter, they can be bought at most weapon stores and found in mining caves. With your Cutter equipped, look around the ground for small rock formations that are glowing blue. Approach the rock, scan it to identify the resource, and decide if you want to mine it. You can also invest in the Surveying skill in the Science skill tree to increase the distance of your scanner and find more resources.

Specific resources will be needed when upgrading weapons and spacesuits or building things in your outpost. When in the build or upgrade menu, you can “Track” any needed resources. When tracking a resource, it will have the blue magnifying glass icon next to it whenever you see it in another menu, such as when looting or scanning.

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How To Mine Mineral Resources

A Cutter In Inventory & A Weapon Upgrade

After deciding if you want to mine a resource or not, begin shooting it with your Cutter. After a few seconds, the rock formation will break and disappear, with the resource mined being added directly to your ship’s cargo. Your Cutter will automatically regenerate its energy, letting you mine as much as you’d like, with a few short breaks here and there. Bringing a companion with you will let you trade the heavy resources with them and have them help you carry more resources on longer mining trips. It’s also helpful to increase your own carry capacity and the ship cargo capacity, as resources are heavy and will add up in weight quickly.

What To Do With Resources

Starfield workbenches

Different resources can then be used when modding weapons and spacesuits at workbenches, researching new upgrades at the research station, or can simply be sold for credits. Should you be using a workbench that requires resources, look along the top right side of the screen where you can track what resources you need, having your HUD identify them when you’re out mining.

Resources are also used to craft decorations in apartments or structures in an outpost. Between the many uses for resources, it’s best to mine often and store your resources as you’ll eventually need more.

How To Mine Gas Resources

A Player Scanning A Gas Resource

Gas resources, such as Helium, Argon, and Neon, are not mined with your laser; it won’t always be clear which resources are a gas or solid mineral. If you’re trying to mine a resource and the laser is not working, that is a gas resource. To gather a gas resource, simply close your scanner, approach the rock, and press the interact button that will be prompted on your screen once you get close enough. Unlike mining with the Cutter, You will need to close your scanner to gather a gas resource.

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