Will Gojo Get Out Of The Prison Realm?

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The Shibuya Incident Arc stands as a true gem not just within Jujutsu Kaisen but in the entire anime industry. This pivotal arc centers around Kenjaku’s cunning plan to neutralize Gojo by enlisting Curses and non-shamans. His ultimate goal? To trap Gojo within the Prison Realm, a foreboding Cursed Object. Despite facing a severe disadvantage, Gojo, the Strongest Sorcerer Alive, showcases his brilliance. He outwits his foes and manages to rescue most of the non-shamans while obliterating every Curse in his path. But amidst the chaos, Kenjaku’s meticulous preparations bear fruit.

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Even though Gojo prevails against the Curses, Kenjaku ultimately triumphs, successfully sealing the Strongest Sorcerer Alive. Kenjaku perfectly met all the conditions of the Prison Realm, keeping Gojo within four meters of the Prison Realm while keeping him engaged in his mind for a whole minute. He did so by revealing himself in Geto’s body, and Gojo couldn’t help but revise all the memories of his beloved friend while wondering how he had come to life. But that’s what Kenjaku wanted, and soon, we see Gojo sealed within the tiny box.

Will Gojo Get Unsealed From The Prison Realm?

Gojo Satoru is the heartbeat of this show, and without him, the story would lose all the spice. So, although the Prison Realm is a powerful object, it is not enough to eliminate him from the story permanently. Although it takes time, Gojo Satoru is finally unsealed further in the story. As soon as Gojo is sealed, other Sorcerers start orchestrating the plans to unseal their Senpai. But there were major hindrances that occurred in unsealing Gojo. The easiest way to unseal someone is through the front gate of the Prison Realm; however, it remained in possession of Kenjaku, so the Sorcerers had to figure out some other way.

Very few people knew that there was also a Back Gate to the Prison Realm, which Master Tengen has hidden, and while it was hard to open the Cursed box using the Back Gate, it wasn’t completely impossible. But then popped up another problem. To open the Back Gate, either the Invested Spear of Heaven (Cursed Object used as a weapon by Toji Fushiguro) was needed or the Black Rope. But sadly, both these objects were destroyed by Gojo himself. At this rate, the Sorcerers were losing hope to unseal Gojo, but that’s when Hana Kurusu stepped into the story, the only hope to bring Gojo back. Also known as the “Fallen One,” Hana Kurusu is the vessel to Angel, a Sorcerer from the Heian Era.

Hana possessed a special ability, known as Jacob’s Ladder, that had the ability to nullify the effect of any other Cursed Object or Cursed Technique. She used the same technique on the Back Gate of the Prison Realm, and finally, our Beloved Gojo saw his return in the series.

How Long Will It Take To Unseal Gojo?

How Long Will It Take To Unseal Gojo

While fans may have sighed with relief upon learning that Gojo would eventually be unsealed, the reality is that it won’t occur anytime soon. Gojo’s sealing took place as far back as chapter 90 of the series, and his unsealing didn’t happen until chapter 221. It took 1189 days in total for the manga fans to see the face of their beloved Gojo again. Intriguingly, within the story’s timeline, only 19 days transpired, as revealed by Gege Akutami.

But were these 19 days the same for Gojo Satoru as well? It was revealed that within the tiny walls of the Prison Realm, the time doesn’t work, which meant that Gojo either felt like a thousand years had passed since he was trapped, or it might have felt like an instant. That’s the reason the Sorcerers were worried before unsealing him, wondering what chaos Gojo would bring if he had lost his mental balance during his time in the Prison Realm.

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