Far Cry 5: 10 Best Characters, Ranked

Far Cry 5 is not only populated with amazing companions, but the other NPCs are great as well. Hope County, Montana is home to nine specialists that can help you on your journey to defeat Joseph Seed and the cult, but the regular, everyday citizens are also worth noting.

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Here, we’ve ranked the ten best side characters in Far Cry 5, making note of their backgrounds, personalities, and how interesting their quests are. Additionally, we’ve noted if they have any significant storyline in Far Cry: New Dawn, which was released in 2019 as the sequel to Far Cry 5.

10 Xander Flynn

Xander Flynn is a grade-A certified himbo, and Adelaide Drubman loves him for it. He’s a chill, laid back yoga enthusiast who also partakes in a little eco-terrorism on behalf of the Resistance once in a while. He is located at Hollyhock Saloon and eventually at Drubman Marina, and he will give you the mission Eco-Warriors, which involves destroying containers of Bliss.

It is noted in Far Cry: New Dawn that he and Adelaide survived the nuclear devastation of Far Cry 5. According to Sharky’s diary, the two took Adelaide’s helicopter, Tulip, and flew to Cuba.

9 Merle Briggs

merle briggsd

Merle Briggs claims he knew the cult was bad as soon as he saw Joseph Seed, and he joined the Resistance in order to stop him. He’s a bit of a stereotypical southern man, mullet and all, and can be rescued from the Silver Lake Trailer Park. He will then give you the mission Death Wish, where you’re tasked with retrieving his truck from the cult.

Later, when you’ve been taken hostage by John, Pastor Jerome saves you and then you, in turn, save Merle from the cult (again, if you rescued him the first time) as they attack him on a hill in the mission The Cleansing. There, a helicopter will come for you and Merle, whisking you both to safety. It is unknown what happens to him after the nuclear fallout, as his character isn’t revisited at the end of the game and there’s no mention of him in Far Cry: New Dawn. But, he’s definitely worth meeting if only to get the Death Wish.

8 Marshal Cameron Burke


The Marshal has a bit of a rough time of it after he arrives in Hope County to serve Joseph with a warrant. He meets an unfortunate end after being trapped in the Bliss, the trippy world that Faith created for her converts. You make a valiant attempt to rescue the Marshal, but it doesn’t quite go according to plan. Still, the Marshal is a great character who helps you through the beginning of the game and seemed genuinely dedicated to helping Hope County.

There is an implication that he is originally from Missoula, Montana, and it seems that liberating Hope County was almost a personal mission of his. Unfortunately, in the face of Faith’s Bliss, even the most determined and steadfast goals will falter.

7 Eli Palmer

eli palmer

Eli Palmer is the leader of the Whitetail Militia, a faction of the larger Resistance that has been at war with Jacob Seed in northern Hope County. He saves your life when you are taken by Jacob the first time, and then he enlists your help after that. Allegedly, he worked in engineering or construction prior to the Collapse and actually helped the Seed family build their bunkers before anyone fully knew what a threat they would be. Eli is initially wary of you, being a member of law enforcement and all, but he knows you’ll be an asset in the fight against Jacob. You just have to prove your worth to the Militia.

Eli gives you a series of interesting missions while you’re in the Whitetail Mountains. First, he takes you to rescue hostages from the cult, then he sends you to secure the Grand View Hotel. Additionally, Eli’s bunker is host to a slew of interesting characters who will also assign you missions, and Eli seems to deeply care about them all, being their leader. Unfortunately, he meets a grim end at your hands under the influence of Jacob’s brainwashing. Still, he poses a serious threat to the cult in the Whitetail Mountains and takes them head-on with no fear.

6 Deputy Staci Pratt

staci pratt

Staci Pratt is featured at the beginning of the game as one of the deputies in the helicopter alongside the Sheriff, the Marshal, and Deputy Hudson. He is captured and taken to Jacob in the Whitetail Mountains. Eventually, he is broken and becomes a reluctant servant to Jacob. Even though he greatly fears Jacob, Pratt still helps you escape the Veteran’s Center, going so far as to push you off a balcony and onto a truck when Jacob finds out you’ve escaped so that you won’t be affected by Jacob’s brainwashing.

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Pratt is not the bravest nor the strongest character, yet he seems to have a dedicated moral compass. He cares about his friends and wants to protect them, and once you rescue him, claims that his ordeal made him strong. He wants to take on the cult then, especially Jacob. His conditioning still greatly affects him, but he turns Jacob’s brainwashing against the cult instead, saying that the cult is weak and “the weak must be culled,” one of Jacob’s frequent sayings. He is still scared, but he’s determined, and that makes him a powerful ally.

5 Sheriff Earl Whitehorse


The Sheriff is one of the first characters you meet in the game as you fly over Hope County toward Joseph’s stronghold to serve him with a warrant. Later, you will meet him again at Hope County Jail, where he will be relieved to see you and will put you to work taking out cultists. Initially, Sheriff Whitehorse is a man of diplomacy, urging the Marshal to avoid conflict with the cult because he knows how truly dangerous they are. He becomes an important figure in the Resistance and a target for Faith and her Bliss. You are tasked with rescuing the Sheriff a few times, bringing him back from the brink of death.

Sheriff Whitehorse is part of a few crucial missions and also returns at the very end of the game for your confrontation with Joseph. Unfortunately, it is implied that he does not survive the nuclear fallout and is not able to get to a bunker like some of the other characters. But, Joseph does mention him in The Prophecy mission from Far Cry: New Dawn, referring to someone called The White Horse. Overall, in Far Cry 5, Sheriff Whitehorse realizes just how important his position is in Hope County and how heavily he supports the citizens. He steps up and faces the cult, taking them down piece by piece.

4 Tracey Lader

tracey lader

Tracey is wary of you when you first help liberate Hope County Jail. She’s untrusting initially but warms up to you quickly once you prove yourself. She also gives you a mission that involves destroying the hulking statue of Joseph Seed on Angel’s Peak. She does appear in passing in Far Cry: New Dawn, when you find a shoebox full of letters and photos of Hope County pre-nuclear fallout.

In Far Cry 5, Tracey actually joined the cult in the beginning, taken in by the veneer of peace and unity. But, once she realized what it truly was, she was labeled a liability and was scheduled for “re-education.” She escaped the cult, and from there joined the Cougars, a faction of the Resistance. She is seemingly annoyed by Virgil Minkler and his constant need for team spirit, but deep down, she is loyal and determined to save Hope County.

3 Deputy Joey Hudson

joey hudson

Deputy Joey Hudson is also present in the helicopter at the beginning of the game. She goes with you to serve the warrant to Joseph and is ultimately taken captive by John Seed. Defeating John will lead to Hudson’s rescue, and the two of you head to Fall’s End once the Holland Valley region is liberated. There, she will continually patrol the area with her shotgun.

Hudson is a no-nonsense professional who has been through some unfortunate incidents. Through in-game dialogue, you can learn that her previous partner was killed during a traffic stop while she was in the cruiser. She will explain that she blamed herself and everything else for her partner’s death, until coming to the conclusion that it was just the fault of the man who had the gun and there was nothing she could do. Hudson isn’t mentioned in Far Cry: New Dawn, as it is widely believed that she died at the end of Far Cry 5 no matter what ending you choose.

2 Pastor Jerome Jeffries

pastor jerome

Pastor Jerome is a Gulf War veteran and is calm, cool, and collected — most of the time. He also becomes a great asset in your fight against the cult. He preached at the church in Fall’s End and was even friends with Joseph Seed as a fellow preacher until Joseph locked down the county. Then, he was labeled an enemy by the cult, and he vowed to take Hope County back from Joseph and his family.

Pastor Jerome rescues you from John the first time you’re captured and thrown in the back of a reaping truck. The Fall’s End church is also the site of a face-off with John, as he captures your friends and forces them to atone. Pastor Jerome has a gun hidden inside a bible, giving you exactly what you need to rescue them. Additionally, in Far Cry: New Dawn, Pastor Jerome returns as a possible companion.

1 Kim Rye

kim rye

Kim Rye — legal name Kimiko — has a small part in Far Cry 5, but her role in this game sets up the plot for Far Cry: New Dawn. Her mission, Special Delivery, begins after you liberate Holland Valley and involves you driving Kim and Nick Rye to the doctor so Kim can give birth to their daughter. The daughter who eventually grows up and becomes an ally in the sequel.

Carmina Rye — named, of course, after Nick’s plane — enlists your character to come to Prosperity to help them get rid of the Highwaymen. Kim is considered the leader of the community, and even Nick returns as well. The entire Rye family has a huge part in Far Cry: New Dawn, making them incredibly important in Far Cry 5 as well.

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