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Not all missions need a gigantic or incredibly hard boss battle at the end. Sometimes the mission as a whole can be a challenging ordeal. However, having a key figure to finish off is just as satisfying as defeating a difficult boss.

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Starfield features many NPCs that you will make your enemies. One in particular is Paxton Hull. In your final confrontation with them, you will need to descend lower and lower into a facility filled with hostile enemies. You’ll need to continue your pursuit until there is nowhere left for Paxton to run.

Locating The Mech Factory Assembly

You will automatically get this mission from Alex Shadid during the Freestar Rangers quest line once you have completed β€œOn The Run.” The Freestar Ranges are one of the many factions you can join up with. Start by navigating to the Cheyenne System. Here, you will find planet Akila. You will need to head to the Meeting Room in Akila City. You can find this meeting room by following the marker on your map. Once you have arrived in the meeting room, there will be a chair that becomes marked.

Sit in this chair and it will trigger a dialogue scene. Inform them that you will check out the facility on Arcturus II. This will update the objective for the mission. Now travel to Arcturus II, which is located in the Arcturus System. Land at the Freestar Mech Factory. Follow the quest marker and it will lead you to some large hangar doors. This will trigger some audio. Once the audio has finished playing, the doors will open up for you to pass through.

Head to the other side of the hangar where the quest marker is. This will trigger some more audio. Once this audio stops, make your way down the stairs. There are some hostiles coming up, so prime yourself for combat. Keep heading down as you follow the quest marker. You will come to a room filled with glowing orange vats in it. Keep to the right as you make your way around all the vats. Watch out for the sentry turret. This route will take you to the Mech Factory Assembly.

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Accessing The Command Center

Starfield First to Fight Orange Vats

Head straight and you will come to a broken pipe. Just past this pipe is a stairway going down. Head down these stairs and around all the various objects to see a passage carved from stones. At the end of this stone pathway will be a cave you can pass through. Use stealth, as there is a single enemy that will come into view just before you reach the cave. As you pass through, stick to the left side of the passageway. You will come to a section filled with crates and a large pipe above you.

Pass some orange doors on your right and a red pipe with a warning symbol on it. Keep following this right wall and you will come to an opening. Directly past this opening will be some more hostiles. This includes several humans and a machine turret like before. Make your way forward to the other side towards the quest marker. You will come to a large open area with lots of metal scaffolding and some stairs going up. Run past the stairs that go up and you will see two more just like it. Pass these as well and then take the right turn. Head forward and towards the quest marker. As you come to the next right turn, you should run into a hostile known as a veteran.

This veteran is a lot tougher than the other enemies and will be of a significantly higher level. Once they are taken down, advance forward and you will see some stairs heading upward. Go up these stairs to come to some doors with the word β€œoperations” above them. Interacting with them will make the screen fade to black and take you to the Command Center.

Confronting Paxton Hull

Starfield First to Fight Paxton Hull

Once the screen returns to normal, advance forward. Your objective will update. You will now need to defeat the first mercenaries and defeat Paxton Hull. Advance to some doors and head through them. Many enemies are spread out in this area. Stay well covered and use a long-range weapon to take out the first enemy you come across. This will cause the others to become aware of you.

Keep an eye on your radar for where the red marks are. As one of them moves into the open, take them out. You can move around this area, just be sure to move between places you can stay behind cover. Once all the red marks on the radar have been defeated, you can talk to Paxton Hull. Head to the blue marker and interact with him to trigger a dialogue. You will not be able to talk your way out of anything or have any alternate outcomes.

Paxton is determined to die here and will immediately turn hostile once the dialogue ends. The moment Paxton is killed, the mission will be marked as completed. You will get 250 XP for completing this mission.

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