How To Find Laredo Firearms

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Keeping your weapons updated in Starfield can make a huge difference. With five tiers of equipment that scale to different level ranges, and all kinds of ammunition and mods, chances are you’ll be visiting weapon dealers quite often. Not all of those vendors are equal to one another. Some typically carry a variety of powerful guns or only stick to specific kinds.

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Laredo Firearms is itself a manufacturer of guns. So, their store will only sell their own manufactured equipment. They specialize in ballistic weapons that deal high amounts of damage at low rates of fire. These weapons include both revolvers and shotguns. However, finding Laredo Firearms can be difficult, as it isn’t quite in a prime location.

How To Get To Akila City

The first step in finding Laredo Firearms is to get to Akila City on the planet Akila. The company only has one location: their all-in-one factory and retail store. Laredo Firearms weapons can certainly be purchased from vendors other than their own, but there’s no guarantee that other vendors will have any available. The most reliable way to browse their selection is to visit their own store. Rowland Arms, the other gun store in Akila City, usually has quite a few as well.

To reach Akila, chart a course to the Cheyenne system. It has quite a lot of planets and moons, so look for the planet second-closest to the star to find Akila. By the default naming convention, this would also be referred to as Cheyenne II.

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Where To Find Laredo Firearms

Starfield's Akila City has a back alley that leads directly to Laredo Firearms

Most shops in Akila City can be found in the main town square, right by the front gate. Some smaller stores are spread around the city, but Laredo Firearms is definitely way off the main road. Once you enter the Akila City front gate, immediately turn right. Don’t go past The Hitching Post. Turn right and hug the city wall.

Keep following the city wall and don’t turn. Pass the Trade Authority outpost on your left. Continue straight under the walkway that juts out from the city wall. After walking under that bridge, immediately turn right again to find Laredo Firearms wedged up against the wall.

Head inside to take a look at the guns they manufacture on site. While this location is not great for business, at least the Akila City residents might appreciate their distance from the shooting range.

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