Lynx Best Builds, Light Cones, & Teams

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Despite her young age, Lynx is known as a renowned environmental explorer under the Landau Family in Honkai Star Rail. She is often found on solo adventures throughout the Belobogian Snow Plains.

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Lynx is a 4-Star Qauntum-type character under the Abundance Path. She is a surprisingly competent healer, and can easily provide sufficient support to keep your team alive on the field.

Lynx Best Build & Relic Sets

As with most healers in the game, Lynx will benefit greatly from a boost to her HP and Speed stats. HP is where her healing scales from, so the higher it is, the more her team will be healed. With these two stats at the forefront, here are the best Relic Sets to pick for her.

2-Set Of Longevous Disciple & 2-Set Of Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

The 2-Set of Longevous Disciple will increase Lynx’s HP by 12 percent. The 2-Set of Messenger Traversing Hackerspace will increase her SPD by 6 percent. Having a mixture of these two sets is the best strategy for Lynx, since the combination will hit the two most important stats for her, including HP and SPD.

2-Set Of Broken Keel

Image of the relic set Broken Keel in Honkai Star Rail.

The 2-Set of Broken Keel will increase Lynx’s Effect RES by 10 percent. When Lynx’s Effect RES is at 30 percent or higher, all allies’ CRIT DMG will increase by 10 percent. Boosting Lynx’s Effect RES will help to prevent her from having debuffs applied to her, so she can continue to provide support for the team. Now that you are aware of the Relic Sets to choose, here are the main stats and substats to have for each piece.


Main Stat




HP, SPD, Effect RES, DEF



HP, SPD, Effect RES, DEF


Outgoing Healing or HP

HP, SPD, Effect RES, DEF



HP, SPD, Effect RES, DEF



HP, SPD, Effect RES, DEF



HP, SPD, Effect RES, DEF

As expected, you’ll want to focus on HP and SPD for Lynx. This will ensure she is properly fulfilling her role as a healer and providing her team with the most optimal healing possible. Adding in a bit of Effect RES will be helpful as well, especially for the CRIT DMG buff for the rest of her team from the Broken Keel set.

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Lynx Best Light Cones

Image of the character Lynx in a character demo for Honkai Star Rail.

Any Light Cone that provides a boost to Lynx’s Outgoing Healing, HP, Energy Recharge, or SPD will all be incredibly useful to her. Depending on how you built her Relic Set, you’ll want to choose a Light Cone that will buff the stat she is most lacking in. Here are some of our favorite options.

5-Star Light Cone: Time Waits For No One

Split image of the artwork for the light cone Time Waits for No One and the character Lynx from Honkai Star Rail.

Time Waits for No One will increase Lynx’s Max HP by 18 percent and Outgoing Healing by 12 percent. When Lynx heals allies, it will record the amount of Outgoing Healing. When any ally launches an attack, a random attacked enemy will take Additional DMG equal to 36 percent of the recorded Outgoing Healing value. This Light Cone is perfect for Lynx as it will not only boost her healing abilities, but it will allow her to add on supplementary support to her team by dealing Additional DMG to enemies.

4-Star Light Cone: Post-Op Conversation

Split image of the artwork for the light cone Post-Op Conversation and the character Lynx from Honkai Star Rail.

Post-Op Conversation will increase Lynx’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 8 percent and will increase Outgoing Healing when she uses her Ultimate by 12 percent. Post-Op Conversation is the ideal alternative for Lynx, providing her with a boost to both Energy Regeneration and Outgoing Healing. Energy Regeneration will be useful for allowing her to use her Ultimate more frequently.

3-Star Light Cone: Cornucopia

Split image of the light cone artwork for Cornucopia and the character Lynx from Honkai Star Rail.

Cornucopia will increase Lynx’s Outgoing Healing by 12 percent when she uses her Skill or Ultimate. If you still aren’t able to get your hands on a 4-Star or 5-Star Light Cone, Cornucopia will be your best bet. Despite it being lower level, it will still give you a decent boost to Lynx’s Outgoing Healing, so she can support her team.

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Lynx Best Team Compositions

Split image of the characters Fu Xuan, Blade, and Bronya from Honkai Star Rail.

Lynx can pair well with just about any team since she is mostly there to provide healing as well as remove debuffs from team members. She can also temporarily increase team members’ Max HP, making her incredibly useful to DPS characters with low HP. Here are some of our recommended team members to choose for Lynx.


Character Type & Benefits

Blade (Alternative: Dan Heng)

Main DPS, Can provide powerful Wind AoE DMG and Taunt enemies.

Bronya (Alternative: Asta)

Support, Can increase the team’s DMG, ATK, CRIT DMG, and DEF, and dispel debuffs.

Fu Xuan (Alternative: Fire Trailblazer)

Support, Can play as a Tank and take enemy damage, and provide a Barrier for team members.

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