10 Best Killer Perks, Ranked

It seems downright unfair to pair up four Survivors against one deranged Killer, but in a game like Dead By Daylight, there are a few cheeky ways to level the playing field. Dead By Daylight challenges Survivors to escape a Killer by completing five generators and powering the exit gate. It sounds like a long process, but it goes surprisingly fast when you have an exceptional Killer!

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Killers can have some pretty lethal perks. Some will catch Survivors by surprise, and others will be a pain to deal with the entire match. But with endless options, what are the best Killer perks to choose from?

10 Pop Goes The Weasel

Taking from its name, this perk surprises Survivors who favor sneaking and doing generators. Hooking a Survivor activates the Killer’s ability to regress generators by -20%. The Killer has to damage a generator 35/40/45 seconds after hooking a Survivor for the regression to apply.

This perk is great for applying pressure to generators, which can be done quickly with skilled Survivors.

9 Corrupt Intervention

Dead By Daylight The Plague

For a beginner Killer, Corrupt Intervention comes as a blessing. It allows you to block off three generators at the beginning of the match for 80/100/120 seconds. These generators are the farthest from you but are likely where the Survivors spawn near.

If you’re a slow Killer, such as Plague or Trapper, Corrupt Intervention saves you time to find Survivors.

8 Tinkerer

Dead By Daylight Player Fixing Generator

A Killer with Tinkerer is pretty frightening. When a generator is repaired to 70%, the Killer receives an explosion notification and is able to sneak up on the Survivor while undetectable for 12/14/16 seconds. This means even the most noticeable Killers can sneak up on Survivors.

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Tinkerer is a great way to keep Survivors on the edge of their seats. They are constantly looking around them and questioning your Terror Radius. However, the perk only activates once per Generator, so be sure you’re utilizing it wisely!

7 Discordance

Dead By Daylight The Legion Killer With Discordance Perk

If you’re a Killer who has trouble finding Survivors during a match, Discordance is an immense help. Any generator being prepared by 2 or more Survivors is revealed to you within 64/96/128 meters. You’ll also gain lingering effects once you walk away from this same generator. The aura will be revealed when it isn’t within range or being repaired by one Survivor.

Regardless, Discordance applies pressure on Survivors to do generators separately, which can take much longer. Be careful, though. This strategy can backfire if you can’t find Survivors quickly enough.

6 Hex: Devour Hope

Dead By Daylight Killer Totem

The most dangerous types of perks are often the ones that token stack, taking Survivors by surprise when the Killer suddenly has a boost in skill. Hex: Devour Hope is a great Killer perk for those who love a match that grows in tension. Every time a Survivor is rescued from a hook 24 meters away from you, you get one token. These accumulate to eventually 5 tokens, where you receive the following benefits.

  • 2 Tokens: Gain
    3/4/5% Haste
    10 seconds after hooking a Survivor for 10 seconds
  • 3 Tokens: All Survivors are permanently Exposed
  • 5 Tokens: Kill all Survivors by your own hand

The only con to Devour Hope is that it is a totem. This means that if Survivors spawn near your totem, it’ll likely be destroyed, and you’ll waste a perk slot. Instead, ensure you can defend your totem and perhaps corner Survivors onto a certain side of the map.

5 Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

dead by daylight chapter 22 update

Pain Resonance is a perk almost every Survivor keeps an eye out for. This makes it one of the most effective perks, though it’s known for annoying Survivors to no end. Pain Resonance changes four hooks in the match to Scourge Hooks, which do the following:

  • Regresses the highest generator progression by
  • Survivors repairing the same generator will scream
  • The generator will continue to normally regress afterward

However, Pain Resonance’s effectiveness is based on your available tokens. You lose a token every time this power works, and you only start off the trial with 4 tokens. Be sure you’re hooking wisely and not using up all your Scourge Hooks during the first two generators.

4 Jolt

Dead By Daylight Survivors Elodie, Jonah working on generators

As the name suggests, this perk shocks Survivors and quickly reveals their location, making it a powerful Killer advantage. Any Survivor that is downed by a basic attack within 32 meters of a generator will have that same generator explode and regress 6/7/8%.

This perk comes in handy if you tend to forget about damaging generators. It applies pressure on Survivors to constantly repair or else regression will be lost. That means you’ll have a clearer idea of where Survivors are going to be for the next few minutes.

3 Lethal Pursuer

Lethal Pursuer is like packing a punch in your pocket. By the time Survivors enter the match, you’re instantly heading for them, ready to get some hits in, so you can disadvantage the team. This perk reveals all Survivor’s auras for 7/8/9 seconds during the beginning of the match. It gives the Killer a head start and, possibly, guarantees an easy win against beginner Survivors.

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Lethal Pursuer tends to discourage Survivors quickly, making it a viable and effective perk. Killers give Survivors no time to create path plans and instead make the entire team cautious. However, against advanced Survivors, Lethal Pursuer may not be as effective. These Survivors will surely know how to navigate the map and take you on a looping spree. Instead, focus on hitting every Survivor and taking advantage of weak moments.

2 Barbecue & Chili

dead by daylight update 5.6.0

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is one seriously strong perk. Barbecue & Chili gives the Killer the ability to see all of Survivor’s aura after hooking. The only disadvantage is that these Survivors have to be 60/50/40 meters away.

However, you can quickly discern where Survivors are at with this perk. If you see no Survivor’s aura after hooking, then you know they are around you. If you do see Survivor’s auras, then you have your next target!

1 Hex: No One Escapes Death

dead by daylight update september 28

No matter how much you are struggling during a match, No One Escapes Death is always a game changer. Even the most average Killers gain a 4k with No One Escapes Death, making it one of the most powerful perks. No One Escapes Death activates when the exit gates are powered, ensuring no Survivor can snuff out your totem before its use. It increases your movement speed by 2/3/4% and gives Survivors the Exposed status.

It’s always important to protect your hex totem, and this is especially true with No One Escapes Death. The totem’s location is revealed to the Survivors within 4 meters, so they have a chance to destroy it. It’s up to you as Killer to down and hook Survivors before they do so. No One Escapes Death is a great way to turn around a match that isn’t going well for you. Of course, if you’re already doing well, this perk will finish up the job, so you can celebrate that flawless 4k.

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