GTA 6 Fans Hope For a Reveal in October

Could GTA 6 be getting its first trailer soon?

Grand Theft Auto VI fans are hoping, once again, that a reveal of the game is just around the corner. There has probably never been as much anticipation around a game as there is for GTA 6. Fans have been salivating to get any crumb of info they can get for the last several years. After the release of Grand Theft Auto V, it’s hard to say anyone could’ve imagined just how long this game would take. Now, ten years after the last game, we still don’t have a trailer. Of course, for five of those years, Rockstar was hard at work making Red Dead Redemption 2 and there was also a pandemic that likely disrupted timelines. Rockstar has confirmed the game is in the works and we’ve even gotten leaked gameplay of the title, confirming it’s set in Vice City and will feature two protagonists. 

Fans were hopeful that we’d get a reveal last year, but alas, nothing came. It has been almost two whole years since Rockstar confirmed the existence of GTA 6 and we still have no logo, screenshots, official trailers, or even technically the actual game’s title. However, now fans think this year is the year. Earlier this week, a supposed insider named Chris Marxx claimed that Grand Theft Auto VI will officially be revealed on October 26th, which is a Thursday. The source is a bit questionable, but it has riled up the community in a massive way. An October/early November reveal has been heavily predicted for a while, especially because Rockstar historically reveals games in that window.

The last two games Rockstar made were announced in October as it usually coincides with a quarterly earnings call for parent company, Take-Two Interactive. Earlier this year, Take-Two Interactive projected an absurd increase in earnings for 2024 – 2025. The company expects over $8 billion in net bookings, which is several billion more than usual. It’s believed that this could only be driven by one key title and that is Grand Theft Auto. With a 2024 release window being heavily speculated, a reveal this October or November to get the ball rolling on marketing is hardly out of the question. It’s likely we can probably count a reveal out for 2023 if it doesn’t happen in October or November, as things tend to wind down during the holiday season with the exception of The Game Awards. Rockstar doesn’t typically announce new titles at other events, so you shouldn’t hold your breath for that.

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