Google Pixel 8 vs. Pixel 7a: Biggest differences to expect

Google’s upcoming flagship phone release at its October 4 Made by Google event figures to upend the debate on whether to get the company’s flagship phone or save a few bucks by opting for its budget-friendly midrange model. In fact, a Pixel 8 vs. Pixel 7a comparison figures to be one of the most interesting debates to come in the aftermath of Google’s phone launch.

Released earlier this summer, the Pixel 7a is one of our favorite cheap phones under $500. But it also happened to be so close to the flagship Pixel 7 in both features and price that it made more sense to opt for the “lesser” Pixel 7a than the “more advanced” flagship. Afer all, the Pixel 7a ran on the same chipset as the Pixel 7 and its cameras can hold their own against much more expensive devices.

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