One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers Reveal Saturen’s True Powers

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The last One Piece chapter was packed with action and some major surprises. Luffy’s move to toss Kizaru away had fans holding their breath, creating a crucial opening for our heroes. The teamwork between Atlas, Dr. Vegapunk, Sanji, and Franky to rescue Bonney was a standout moment. We got to see Bonney’s Devil Fruit powers in action, and Zoro taking on Lucci added an exciting twist. Now, with the spoilers for the next chapter already out, fans are buzzing with anticipation.

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One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers

The upcoming chapter is titled “Warrior God of Science and Defense, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn,” and the color spread on the cover promotes “Monsters” manga by Oda. The chapter begins with all the Pacifistas following Atlas’ command, launching an assault on the Marines. Bonney also joins the fray, using a new attack called “NDE” (Near Death Experience).

With a gunshot, she induces hallucinations of their own demise in the Marines. Soon, Bonney finds herself facing off against two Vice Admirals. One of them, recognized by his long chin and mustache, wields a staff with a massive seashell at the tip. The other Vice Admiral, known as Bluegrass, possesses the “Nori Nori no Mi ability, allowing her to control whatever she rides. Bluegrass is currently riding one of the Pacifistas, making it difficult for Bonney to take action.

Fortunately, just in the nick of time, Sanji descends from the VegaTank 8 and rescues Bonney. Meanwhile, a mysterious magical circle appears at the heart of Egghead Island, accompanied by explosions of fire and black lightning. A Marine announcement reveals the presence of Saint Saturn on the island, warning that Marines ranked Rear Admiral or lower must avoid direct eye contact with him.

Unfortunately, one Marine disregards this warning and meets Saturn’s gaze, resulting in a gruesome outcome. Saturn, with his unique appearance, appears to be in his hybrid awakened form, resembling a Ushi-Oni, a yokai from Western Japanese folklore.

Cut to the scene of Luffy facing off against Kizaru. Both combatants are visibly exhausted, and Kizaru acknowledges that he can’t continue fighting if he wants to complete his mission. With blinding speed, Kizaru flies off to target Vegapunk. He fires a laser at the VegaTank 8, narrowly missing it but causing the cloud road to disintegrate, sending the tank plummeting to the ground. Suddenly, Saturn’s voice echoes across Egghead Island, commanding the Pacifistas to halt. This strange aura affects all the strong characters on the island.

Luffy catches up to Kizaru and delivers a powerful new attack, the Gomu Gomu no Star Gun, which pierces through Kizaru’s face, creating a dazzling display of star-like effects. As both Luffy and Kizaru descend to the ground, Saturn looks up at Luffy and utters the word “Nika.” When Luffy lands, he transforms into an old man.

Saturn stands before Bonney, Sanji, Vegapunk, and Franky. Bonney is flooded with memories, but the identity of the voices in her recollections remains unknown. Her memories echo: “I gave the order, Vegapunk!! There must be no consciousness remain!! But if you do that, Kuma will…” Without hesitation, Bonney leaps forward and stabs Saturn in the chest with a sword, drawing blood.

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