Spy x Family Season 2 Opening Released Ahead of Premiere: Watch

Spy x Family Season 2 releases its opening sequence ahead of its Fall premiere.

Spy x Family is likely the leading anime franchise returning for new episodes this month as part of the Fall 2023 anime schedule, and the anime is gearing up for the premiere of Spy x Family Season 2 with the early release of its opening theme sequence ahead of the anime’s debut! Spy x Family Season 2 will be kicking off its run in just a few more days from the time of this writing, and there are some pretty big arcs it will cover featuring more of Yor’s assassin work that fans wanted to see in the first season. 

That won’t be the only draw of the new episodes, of course, as both Anya and Loid will have their own adventures in the coming season as well. Spy x Family Season 2 sneakily teases a bit of this with the new opening theme sequence for the coming season. Featuring the new theme song titled “Kurakura” as performed by Ado, the new opening sequence for Spy x Family Season 2 is a great reminder of the kind of energy the Forger Family brings to the table. Check it out below. 

How to Watch Spy x Family Season 2

Spy x Family Season 2 will be premiering on October 7th, and will be streaming its new episodes exclusively with Crunchyroll. The new episodes will be featuring a returning staff and cast from the first season of the series led by Takuya Eguchi as Loid Forger, Atsumi Tanezaki as Anya Forger, Saori Hayami as Yor Forger, and Kenichirou Matsuda as Bond Forger and the Narrator, and more. You can currently catch up with the first season of Spy x Family streaming with Crunchyroll as well. 

They tease the Spy x Family anime as such, “World peace is at stake and secret agent (aka Loid Forger) must undergo his most difficult mission yet—pretend to be a family man. Posing as a loving husband and father, he’ll infiltrate an elite school to get close to a high-profile politician. He has the perfect cover, except his wife’s a deadly assassin and neither knows each other’s identity. But someone does, his adopted daughter who’s a telepath.” 

How do you like the new opening for Spy x Family Season 2? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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