Lies Of P: 10 Best Wishstones, Ranked

There are many different ways to level up and gain a boost in Lies Of P. Players can upgrade Pinocchio’s P-Organ, they can upgrade and modify weapons, as well as their Legion Arm. But the wishstone is another useful item that players can utilize to their advantage.

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It does a number of things from helping out the player’s specter that assists in boss fights as well as giving a hefty boost to stamina and health. It all depends on the player’s play style and how they best want to utilize the wishstone. Here is a list of the best wishstones in the game.

10 Explosive Wishstone

using explosive wishstone in lies of p

The bosses in Lies Of P can be so frustrating that often players will look for anything and everything to gain an advantage. Getting close enough to a boss to attack is extremely dangerous as a lot of them deal massive amounts of damage when the player is within range.

Sometimes it’s helpful to stand back and let the specter do a lot of the work. This wishstone gives the specter a boost by allowing him to explode whenever he’s hit. It doesn’t do a tremendous amount of damage, though. This prevents it from ranking higher on the list. But every bit helps and it is certainly more helpful than some of the status resistance wishstones, which may not be universally effective for every boss fight.

9 Advance Wishstone

advance wishstone in lies of p

Depending on the player’s play style, the Legion Arm can be a very useful tool and weapon. The only downside is the Legion bar can get depleted very quickly. And with so many different bars to keep track of from health, to stamina, to even status ailments, players can often lose track of how much Legion they have left in a battle.

This wishstone will take care of that fairly easily as it helps players recover more Legion power for a quick boost. Unfortunately, the Legion Arm is heavily dependent on play style and the type of boss being faced. This handicap prevents the wishstone from ranking higher on the list.

8 Provocation Wishstone

summoning specter in lies of p

The Provocation Wishstone is kind of a weird one. It’s meant to be used during a boss fight so that the boss focuses on the specter rather than the player. This is extremely useful as it gives the player a big opening in order to deal a lot of damage.

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The weird part is that the boss will periodically focus on the specter anyway, so it may seem like a waste of a wishstone. There are plenty of other wishstones that can aid the specter more while still having him be a worthy distraction naturally. However, if the player is about to die, it’s very helpful to take the focus off Pinocchio so he can deal a lot of damage depending on his starting class.

7 Indomitable Wishstone

indomitable wishstone in lies of p

There’s a reason a lot of the wishstone abilities focus around the specter. Lies Of P’s boss fights are hard, and it helps a lot to give the specter a boost. The Indomitable Wishstone protects against death for a short period of time. If the specter is struck down, it will regain some health points, essentially giving it a second life.

And when a boss has reached the second stage of a fight, it’s very helpful to have this companion around to deal damage and take the focus off the player. However, the time period is a tricky thing to plan. Too often the wishstone would be activated but the specter doesn’t die, rendering it useless. So this is still a middle of the road wishstone at best.

6 Courage Wishstone

Fable Arts, Lies of P, Guide

The Fable Arts in Lies Of P could be considered a weapon’s special attack. The Fable bar fills up over the course of a battle and can be used to great effect depending on what the weapon’s assigned Fable Art is.

The more damage is dealt, the quicker the bar fills up. Using this wishstone will help the rate at which that bar can reach its max. In a brutal boss fight, it could be invaluable to fill up this meter as quickly as possible. This only applies to players who utilize Fable Arts, though. Some may prefer a weapon that doesn’t have a good attack, so to them, this wishstone is pointless.

5 Frenzy Wishstone

activating wishstone in lies of p

During a boss fight in Lies Of P, the specter can come in handy in many different ways. For one, he can be a great distraction. If the boss is occupied with the specter, it leaves him open for attack from the back.

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Likewise, the player can keep the boss distracted while the specter deals some damage. But the specter isn’t the strongest attacker. He deals some damage, but it would be much more helpful if his strength was increased. That’s what this wishstone is all about. Defensively, though, the specter would still be open for attack. So it helps a lot if he’s stronger; he just needs to get tougher, too.

4 Protection Wishstone

standing in front of the tree in lies of p

This is where that toughness comes on. Specters can be incredibly helpful during a boss fight. They can deal damage and distract the boss so that the player has an opening to strike. But they aren’t exactly the smartest companions.

Sometimes they run in to attack without thinking about what the boss is about to do or what danger they could be in. It helps to give them some damage resistance, which is what this wishstone grants them. It doesn’t last forever and doesn’t prevent them from being destroyed, but everyone needs a boost every once in a while.

3 Patience Wishstone

pinocchio at the statue in lies of p

Stamina can be a real pain in Lies Of P. It’s used for pretty much everything. Running, dodging, and, of course, attacking will drain stamina. Depending on the equipment Pinocchio is using, these actions can drain stamina pretty quickly, which means it’s difficult to move around and even deal damage.

There are ways to get around chronic stamina depletion such as using amulets, but this wishstone is also one of them. It helps stamina increase over time so that players don’t have to focus on it as much during a fight. If a strong amulet helps with stamina then this wishstone isn’t really needed, but granted the importance of stamina, it still ranks close to the top.

2 Recovery Wishstone

recovery wishstone in lies of p

It doesn’t matter what else is going on in the game, health points is the most important thing. After all, the player can find a way to survive if all of Pinocchio’s other bars are depleted such as Legion and stamina.

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But once the health points are down to zero, that’s it. It’s game over. So it’s no surprise that a wishstone that helps restore HP over time would rank high on the list. It’s not as powerful as a pulse cell, which keeps it from taking the top spot, but it still does the trick to keep Pinocchio alive, which is always the most important thing.

1 Friendship Wishstone

wishstone in hand in lies of p

Out of all these wishstones that can aid the specter, it’s important to remember that once his HP is reduced to zero, he’s dead. He can have all the strength and durability in the world, but without HP, he’s useless. That’s why a simple wishstone that can restore his health is invaluable.

All the other wishstones can help boost him as an attacker and a distraction, but he more or less accomplishes this on his own anyway. And when combined with the P-Organ to provide multiple uses and a quick activation, the player can use this wishstone to keep the specter alive for the entire battle. The bottom line is the specter needs to survive to be helpful, so restoring his health is critical, and less so for the player if he has strong defensive parts.

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