Saatva vs Casper: Which hybrid mattress should you buy this Black Friday?

When it comes to Saatva vs Casper, you’re choosing between two incredibly popular mattress brands. The Saatva Classic and Casper Nova Hybrid are both high-quality hybrid beds, made from a combination of coils and foams. But underneath the covers these two mattresses feel very different, so our in-depth Saatva vs Casper mattress comparison will help you to see which mattress is right for you.

Both Saatva and Casper feature in our best mattress guide, with the Saatva Classic being our number one choice overall. The Saatva is also $500 cheaper even when at full price and, with their frequent offers and discounts, it’s often up to $800 less. But the Casper is still an excellent mattress, with a softer and plusher feel. What’s more, you might be able to pick up a Casper at a bargain in the upcoming Black Friday mattress deals


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