I’m a sleep writer and Helix’s new Black Friday mattress sale is the best I’ve seen

As a sleep writer for Tom’s Guide, I know that Helix Sleep makes great stomach, back and side sleeper mattresses for a range of budgets. The brand has recently improved its Black Friday mattress deal, giving you Up to 25% off mattresses plus a free bedding bundle worth up to $330. That’s a saving worth over $1,000 with some models, with the free bedding comprising sheets, a mattress protector and pillows. 

The mattress I’d buy in the Helix Black Friday sale is the Helix Midnight Luxe, a softer, more luxurious feeling bed than the original Helix Midnight. It’s one of the best mattresses for relieving pressure on the hips and shoulders, making it an ideal mattress for side sleepers, and I think people with back pain will also benefit from its enhanced lumbar support. 

While I don’t think this plush and contouring mattress would be firm enough for back and stomach sleepers, especially those with a heavier weight, side sleepers will definitely benefit from the extra-cushioning. The Helix Midnight Luxe also comes with a 100-night sleep trial, a 15 year warranty and free shipping.

Are medium-firm beds good for side sleepers? 

When choosing the best mattress in a box for your body and budget, you’ll quickly notice that nearly all of them are available in a medium firm feel. This is without doubt the most popular mattress firmness, as medium firm is designed to cater to as many sleep positions as possible. Back sleepers tend to benefit the most from medium-firmness as it’s soft enough to support your body’s lumbar region and firm enough to avoid that ‘sinking in feeling’.

While the medium-firm mattress is suitable for most side sleepers, many people who sleep on their side – especially those with a lightweight frame – may benefit from a mattress that’s rated soft on the firmness scale because its softness cushions your hips and shoulders. However, most side sleepers will do just fine with a medium firm mattress – especially if you’re between 130lbs and 250lbs. 

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