Saatva vs Leesa: Which luxury hybrid mattress should you buy in Black Friday sales?

This Saatva vs Leesa comparison focuses on two specific luxury hybrid beds: the Saatva Classic and the Leesa Legend Hybrid. Both are crafted from a combination of coils and foams, but once we dig a little deeper there are several key differences between them. This in-depth Saatva vs Leesa comparison delves beneath the covers to help you to decide which bed is right for your sleep. And if neither are right for you, we’re sharing some handy resources to help you pick something better suited.

In our opinion, the Saatva Classic is the very best mattress in the world right now, as evidenced by its high test scores during our year-long review process. It’s also cheaper than the Leesa Legend Hybrid. However, you’ll hardly ever pay full price for the mattress, with monthly sales ranging between 12-15% off the MSRP. 

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