Tears Of The Kingdom – Rubber Armor Set Locations

While players loved the outside-the-box thinking that Breath Of The Wild offered them, one gameplay mechanic that still surprised many was just how easy it was for Link to be felled by a strike of lightning whenever it rained. In Tears Of The Kingdom, the threat of smiting still exists, but there’s now an armor set to help relieve the sting from enemies who love electricity.

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Consider the Rubber Armor a reward for dealing with electrocution, as you’ll face a good handful of lightning while getting the full set.

Updated by Wyatt Grondin on November 20th, 2023: A video clip showing the thunder-proof and reduced electricity damage abilities of the Rubber Armor set has been added.

Where To Find The Rubber Armor

The main body of the Rubber Armor will be found in Whistling Cave at coordinates -0072, -1046, 0019. The cave is just above the Teniten Shrine

Tears Of The Kingdom Rock Wall Blocking Whistling Hill Cave

The entrance to the cave will be blocked by a large rock wall. Claymores can destroy rock walls, and so can weapons fused with a rock or boulder. If you don’t mind using the precious resource, you can also destroy this rock wall with a Bomb Flower.

Tears Of The Kingdom Link Aiming Lynel Box At Electric Keese

There will be a lot of enemies inside this cave, and more than a few of them will use lightning-based attacks. Basically, the reward you get for reaching the end of this cave is something that would have made this specific journey much easier. The Keese are particularly annoying as their zaps can make Link drop his held weapon or bow. Keep your distance as best you can with a ranged attack; only one or two should do the trick to kill these bats.

Tears Of The Kingdom Vine Wall Whistling Hill Cave

To get further into the cave, you have to burn these vines away with fire. Throwing or shooting Red ChuChu Jelly or a Fire Fruit will do the trick or even a Ruby-fused weapon. There will be more enemies as you progress, the most dangerous being the Like Likes. A specific Like Like will signify you’re finally in the right spot.

Tears Of The Kingdom Electric Like-Like Whistling Hills Cave

An electric Like Like will be your final obstacle. While looking even more deadly than the regular version, the same rules apply for killing it; just get it to expose the weak point in its mouth and smack that until it dies.

Tears Of The Kingdom Link Aiming Bomb Arrow At Upper Rock Wall Whistling Hill Cave

After that, aim a Bomb Flower at the rock wall in the ceiling, or try and throw a weapon that will break it.

Tears Of The Kingdom Rubber Armor Obtained

You can now finally open the chest containing the Rubber Armor.

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Where To Find The Rubber Helm

Tears Of The Kingdom Map Sarjon Woods Cave

For the helmet, you’ll be heading to the Sarjon Woods Cave at coordinates 1206, -3168, 0028. This cave is near the bottom center of the map, and between the Higland and Lakeside Stables.

Tears Of The Kingdom Link Swimming Between Vines In Sarjon Woods Cave

This cave is a bit of a strange place for the armor, as there won’t be any electric enemies. Instead, it’s a long stream you’ll either have to swim down (unless you already have craftable rafts thanks to Instabuild), leaving you are at the mercy of the flow. If you have the Zora Armor and good stamina, you may find this easy though. This will especially help you when it comes to the vines, as you can swim between them, while you’d need to destroy them if on a raft.

Tears Of The Kingdom Link On Fused Floating Logs In Sarjon Woods Cave

Later on, you’ll find already cut trees you can Fuse together if you’d like. The only benefit of riding on a raft or these trees has it that there are a few Horriblins, but you can just swim up to a rock on the side and shoot them into the stream with an arrow to instakill them. There is also a Like Like just after the spot you find the trees, but the current is fast enough that you can go right past it without fighting it.

Tears Of The Kingdom Bubbulfrog At Waterfall In Sarjon Woods Cave

In every cave Misko hid a piece of armor, there is a Bubbulfrog, but they are usually on a different path. For Sarjon Woods, this Bubbulfrog will let you know you’re about to tumble over a waterfall. Ditch your raft if you’re on one and get ready to paraglide down.

Tears Of The Kingdom Rubber Helm Obtained

Right in front of where you’ll crash-land is the treasure chest holding the Rubber Helm.

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Where To Find The Rubber Tights

At coordinates 4244, -0254, 0000, you’ll find a hole in the ground that leads you to Horon Lagoon Cave. This cave hole is surrounded by water and just to the West of Talus Plateau and Memory #9.

Tears Of The Kingdom Using Ultrahand On Wood IN Horon Lagoon Cave

At the start of the cave, you have the option of grabbing a plank of wood to float down. Without a way to push this down the stream, it’s not too great of an option. Again, you may be best off swimming in with the Zora Armor.

Tears Of The Kingdom Water Spike Trap Horon Lagoon Cave

There aren’t any enemies this time, but there is a long rail of spikes in the water. The way the water works in Horon Lagoon Cave is that there’s a tide that rises and falls.

Simply wait until the tide rises above these spikes and swim over them.

Tears Of The Kingdom Link Aiming Rock Spear At Rock Wall In Horon Lagoon Cave

You’ll swim to a small island in the center, where you can see a wall of breakable rocks in the ceiling. If you don’t want to waste an arrow or Bombflower, you don’t have to; there’s a spear and a rock on this island you can Fuse together, then aim and throw at the wall. You’ll need to throw the spear twice to break the rocks.

Tears Of The Kingdom Rubber Tights Obtained

You’ll just need to climb up to the hole to find the treasure chest holding the Rubber Tights.

How To Upgrade The Rubber Armor

Tears Of The Kingdom Not Enough Materials To Upgrade Rubber Armor

The Rubber Armor will need a lot of Lizalfos parts to be fully upgraded, among other things.

Upgrade Level

Defense Rating

Rupees Needed

Materials Needed




  • 1 Electric Lizalfos Horn
  • 3 Yellow Chuchu Jelly




  • 8 Yellow Chuchu Jelly
  • 5 Voltfruit




  • 5 Zapshrooms
  • 5 Electric Lizalfos Tails
  • 8 Electric Safflina




  • 5 Electric Lizalfos Horns
  • 5 Topaz
  • 8 Electric Lizalfos Tails

What Are The Abilities Of The Rubber Armor

The Rubber Armor is a deceptively useful armor set once all the pieces are together, as shown in the above video. Damage from electricity are drastically lowered, even before the armor is fully upgrade.

And as also shown in the video, once all pieces of Rubber Armor hav been upgraded at least twice, the Lightning Proof ability is unlocked. This ability means Link will not take damage from Lightning while wearing the full Rubber Armor. This works in both a natural storm and from the summoned thunderstorms during a fight with a Thunder or King Gleeok.

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