Dan Harmon Teases What’s Next for Rick After Rick Prime’s Death

Rick and Morty’s Dan Harmon teases what’s next for Rick after killing his biggest nemesis, Rick Prime.

Rick and Morty has made some major changes to the overall series canon with the halfway point of Season 7, but co-creator Dan Harmon is teasing what’s next for Rick Sanchez after killing his biggest nemesis, Rick Prime! Rick and Morty Season 7 shook things up in massive way by not only bringing back Evil Morty but bringing back Rick Prime in the same episode as well. Then the series shook things up in another major way when Rick Prime was killed off before the episode came to an end. This had fans wondering what new villains or stories could be coming next. 

Rick and Morty might have killed off one of its biggest villains before Season 7 even reached its sixth episode, but series co-creator Dan Harmon revealed in an interview with Variety that it’s far from the end of the story. “I think there’s still a conclusion to a story here,” Harmon argued, “because the narcissist will tell you that destroying yourself, it doesn’t solve a problem.” Teasing that Rick’s story after Rick Prime is basically starting in the same place Morty was seasons ago when he discovered the multiverse. 

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Rick and Morty: What’s Next for Rick? 

As for killing off such a big antagonist, Harmon argues that Rick and Morty still has lots of creative ground to cover. “This show, the least of its concerns is wearing out its canonical credit card,” Harmon stated. “If the show was going to be destroyed, it would have been destroyed by any of the other Godzilla-sized problems that have happened to it, including pandemics, writers’ strikes, and other things.” In fact, Harmon teases that Rick’s now on the same narrative level that Morty was when the series began. 

“This is how far we’ve come with Rick’s journey,” Harmon continued. “He is now the one who is existentially isolated. He is the one that doesn’t feel like he fits in the universe around him. Which puts him on the same level as a 14-year-old boy learning there’s multiple universes 10 show-years earlier.” With Rick already resetting his adventures in the latest episode, it seems like this is going to be a fresh start. 

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