Epic Avengers Tower LEGO Set With 31 Minifigures Is About To Drop

Marvel fans have been asking LEGO for a serious Avengers Tower LEGO set for ages, and today they finally delivered – and then some. The 76269 Avengers Tower is a record breaker on multiple levels. For starters, it will be the largest Marvel LEGO set ever at 5,201 pieces, far surpassing sets like Daily Bugle and Sanctum Sanctorum. It will stand over 35-inches tall, which also makes it the tallest LEGO brick-built skyscraper ever made.  Finally, it will include an absolutely ridiculous 31 minifigures (including the first Kevin Feige!), the most of any set to date. 

If you want one for your collection you’ll need to take it easy on the Thanksgiving turkey and be ready for battle on Black Friday, November 23rd / 24th at 9pm PT / 12am ET right here at LEGO.com where it will be priced at $499.99. A quick sellout is likely, especially since a lot of people will be online deal hunting. One would hope for a restock in time-for holiday gift-giving, but there are no guarantees. All of the details you need about the set can be found below. 

Additional minifigures include superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, Vision, and Hulk (BigFig), villains like Loki and Ultron, and supporting characters like SHIELD Agents, Chitauri, Nick Fury, Pepper Pots, Dr, Cho, and Tony Stark’s Dum-E hydraulic arm robot. 

The Avengers Tower will feature full brick-built interiors that capture moments from the Infinity Saga on every floor, like Captain America fighting himself in Avengers: Endgame (which explains why two Cap minifigures are included). You can take a closer look in the image gallery below. 

See the Avengers Tower Set at the LEGO Shop

To soften the blow a bit, keep in mind that from 24-27th November LEGO Insiders members will receive a free LEGO Marvel Taxi set which includes an iconic New York yellow taxi and four minifigures including Black Panther, a taxi driver and two outriders when they purchase the LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower. You can sign up for LEGO Insiders program right here (free to join) to get additional perks on purchases from LEGO. 

You can find more upcoming LEGO releases here in the “Coming Soon” section.  After the launch, they will shift here in the “Available Now” section

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