Grab a PS5 controller for less than £40 thanks to Black Friday deal | Gaming | Entertainment

Black Friday may be on November 24 but the early gaming deals have been popping up thick and fast. We’ve seen PS5 and Xbox console prices drop by record amounts.

That means that you can get the best and current generation consoles for a far lower price than three years ago – so if you have been waiting for the right price, you might want to strike now. You can read about the best PS5 Black Friday 2023 deals and Xbox Black Friday 2023 deals we’ve complied.

If you already have a PS5 or want to get an additional controller for a friend or family member, now is the best time to get one.

That’s because sites like Amazon and Very have slashed the prices of the DualSense Edge to just £39.99 – or cheaper in some cases depending where you shop from.

It’s a low price for a great controller and it’s rare that PS5 controllers drop in price so much so it’s worth snapping up if you have been wanting one.

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