King of the Hill Co-Creator Unsure of One Character’s Return for Revival

King of the Hill’s Greg Daniels is unsure if Kahn Souphanousinphone will return for Hulu revival series.

King of the Hill is now in the works on a new revival series with Hulu, and the co-creator behind it all revealed that they were unsure about one of the series’ characters potentially coming back for the new episodes! King of the Hill officially confirmed that a new series was in the works, and would be bringing back the cast from the original run of the series with Fox. But unfortunately, this revival will also be moving forward without key members of that original cast due to the loss of the likes of Johnny Hardwick, Brittany Murphy, Tom Petty since the original series’ ended. 

It’s yet to be revealed how the new King of the Hill series would be proceeding with each of their respective characters following their actors’ passing, but co-creator Greg Daniels is more unsure about one character not coming back at all. Speaking to TV Line about the now in the works revival series, Daniels explained that he’s unsure if Kahn Souphanousinphone will return. And do to Toby Huss voicing Kahn in the original series, if Kahn did return he’s likely have to be recast. 

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King of the Hill: Will Kahn Return for Revival? 

When asked about whether or not Kahn would be returning for the new King of the Hill series, Daniels noted that he was “not sure whether Kahn’s coming back.” Elaborating further, Daniels explained that they would likely replace Huss as the Kahn’s voice actor. “But I think we would most likely replace Toby’s voice for Kahn. Like, if we were casting today, we wouldn’t have cast him. But we cast it in 1997.” Having one actor take on multiple roles was a common practice during King of the Hill‘s original run, but the situation has changed over the years since. 

Daniels continued with “most animation casts play multiple roles, and Toby Huss initially played [Hank’s father] Cotton Hill and was cast for that, and then Kahn came up later. And most productions, especially back then, didn’t have the budget to to hire a special performer for each voice. But it’s different now.” As for when we could see the new King of the Hill on Hulu, Daniels estimated a potential 2025 release when it happens. 

Are you hoping to see Kahn return in the new King of the Hill revival series on Hulu? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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