Persona 5 Tactica: Complete Skill Tree Guide

Persona 5 Tactica offers many different ways to strengthen the characters. While simply playing the main mission will level up the Phantom Thieves level and earn new Personas and Yen, completing side content is also crucial to having your characters reach their maximum potential.

Skills are learned in each character’s skill tree, with GP being the resource used to unlock each skill. GP is only slightly earned through the main story, making side content key to unlock new skills for your characters along with strengthening existing ones.

Using Skill Trees

GP, or Growth Points, are used to unlock skills within a character’s skill tree. Each character has their own skill tree, with a few similarities and differences for each, along with their own pool of GP to earn and use. While there are a few methods to earning GP, each character will earn it at different rates depending on how many quests a player completes.

Purchased skills can also quickly and easily be refunded, letting the player mix and match various skills to find the best combination, Skill Trees can also be accessed and altered in the menu before a mission, letting players perfectly tailor their team to complete a particularly demanding quest.

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Skill Tree Formats

Joker's Skill Tree

Each character’s skill tree has a few similarities and differences. Aside from Futaba, each character’s left tree will focus on their basic elemental skill, the wider effect version, increasing their elemental skill damage and learning one unique support skill. Upgrading this far-left skill is vital to teaching the character the upgraded version of skills which will later be vital for the more difficult fights in the game.

The middle section of each character’s skill tree focuses more on what makes that character unique, letting players upgrade their party-wide buff for being active in a mission. These are very useful upgrades as they are party-wide buffs that can effect all characters, offering massive further boosts on top of Sub Personas additional stats. This middle tree also upgrades the unique bonuses for that character being charged, along with additional follow-up shots for falling enemies.

The far right section of the skill tree offers passive buffs to that character which also differs slightly. Most characters will have a movement speed upgrade or two within this tree, along with skill distance upgrades and gun distance. This section of the tree is also good to invest in early, as these passive bonuses will affect many more turns.

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