Philadelphia Cream Cheese Launches Philly Haters Merch

Philly Haters merch is available now.

We are deep into football season which means rivalries but Philadelphia Cream Cheese is asking football fans to set aside those rivalries for something that everyone can agree on: a love of cream cheese, particularly Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The brand recently kicked off viral campaign to prove that even the most ardent “haters” of Philly’s football team — specifically rivals New York, Dallas, and Washington — can agree that they also love Philly, at least when it comes to cream cheese and now, starting Monday, November 20th, everyone can get in on the Philly love. The brand has announced new, limited-time merchandise for all the “Philly Haters”.

Available now exclusively on Amazon, fans can show that they’re really only part-time Philly haters with new Philly Haters merch: a Philly Coaches Jacket, a Philly Haters Crew Neck, and a Philly Haters T-Shirt. But that’s not all. Philadelphia Cream Cheese is also giving away custom merch and a year’s supply of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for lucky “haters” who publicly betray their team to let everyone know just how much they love Philly — the cream cheese, that is. You can check out the brand’s social media post about the sweepstakes for yourself below.

The “Philly Haters” offering is just the latest from Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Earlier this year, the brand teamed up with Milk Bar to launch Red Velvet Philly Bagel Bombs, a limited time offering from Milk Bar that combined the iconic cream cheese with one of Milk Bar’s best-selling flavors.

“One of the many special things about our product is its unique silky smooth and creamy profile that amps up the creaminess of so many foods, which you see come to life beautifully in the Red Velvet Philly Bagel Bomb,” White said. “As we continuously push to uncover unique and irresistible ways for fans to enjoy Philadelphia, this partnership with Milk Bar was a natural fit. We love how both brands have tapped into hallmarks of what makes them beloved while doing it in an unexpected and consumer-driven way with this limited-time offering.”

What do you think about Philadelphia Cream Cheese’s “Philly Haters” collection? Will you betray your team for a chance to win a year’s supply of Philadelphia Cream Cheese? Let us know in the comments!

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