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Black Friday week is here and there have been some amazing deals on PS5 and other game consoles – making it the best time to get the newest and best consoles on the market.

And if you want a PS5, there a couple of great deals worth snapping up before they sell out. We’ve covered plenty of brilliant PS5 deals on our best PS5 Black Friday 2023 deals article and most of them have sold out within the day.

Now another PS5 deal is worth considering snapping up if you have been eyeing the console for the festive season. ShopTo is selling the PS5 disc console for just £359.95 – one of the cheapest prices we’ve ever seen for the PS5.

We know that some deals can be too good to be true but ShopTo has been selling consoles and accesories since 2005 so this deal is legitimate. 

That console deal isn’t the only great offer on the table being sold by ShopTo.

The same eBay seller is selling a PS5 disc console, EA FC 24 and a free controller charging stand for £399.99 – another great price.

EA FC 24, previouls FIFA, is one of the newest games on the market and perfect for football gaming fans but thanks to the low price of the standalone console, you can also buy another game alongside the PS5. 

Our PS5 review called the console “an absolute joy” to play. an absolute joy. Everything is buttery-smooth, the controller is responsive and immersive, and the dashboard is functional and stable.

You get super-fast load times thanks to the onboard SSD and get to play the newest titles at a buttery smooth 60fps (depending on the game, of course).

But if you want to find more console deals, you can find out about Xbox Black Friday 2023 deals if you want to go to team Microsoft.

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