Forget sit-ups — this 3-move standing ab workout chisels your abs and obliques

Hit your core muscles hard, including your abs and obliques, using these three standing ab exercises with or without weights. Here’s how to make just three ab moves pack a punch for your core training. 

You can hold the best adjustable dumbbells or a kettlebell, or stick to using your body weight. However you approach it, build a stronger core with an ab workout that lasts under 20 minutes and without the hassle of gym equipment.

If you’re a beginner, consider using a light weight and focus on form and movement patterns before progressively adding weight.

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It’s also worth a quick reminder that how much ab muscle definition you can develop will depend on a variety of factors. Genetics play a role, along with lifestyle decisions around sleep, stress and diet (some more controllable than others) and how regularly you exercise. A consistent resistance training regime and plenty of movement throughout the day (walking or taking the stairs, for example), in conjunction with the factors above, can help improve your chances. 

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