Google Drive is getting a new homepage

Google has revealed a new homepage for Drive with personalized machine learning-powered recommendations.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Drive has introduced a new Home tab for a unified and streamlined experience, offering personalized file recommendations based on user behavior and machine learning algorithms.
  • The new homepage in Google Drive features filters and chips, allowing users to quickly find required files by type, people, modified date, and location.
  • The updated home page in Google Drive follows Material Design 3 principles, giving it a modern look while improving productivity.

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage service providers out there, and in the past few months, it has received several updates to improve the overall experience. These include the introduction of a proper location picker for files, better filters, and a design facelift. Now, Google has announced that it is rolling out a new homepage in Drive.

In a Google Workspace blog, the company has revealed a new Home tab for Drive users in order to offer a more unified and streamlined view across all stored content. Some features offered by this new space include suggestions for files and folders powered by machine learning algorithms which will leverage signals such as how frequently you have accessed certain content or attached it to Google Calendar events to offer personalized recommendations.

New Home page in Google Drive

You will also be able to utilize chips such as type, people, modified date, and location to filter down to your required files in a faster manner, without having to manually scroll through tons of objects. Finally, Google has highlighted that the new home page utilizes its in-house Material Design 3 principles, giving it a more modern look while improving productivity.

The Google Drive Home page is now rolling out and should be available to all Workspace and personal users within the next few weeks. Following availability, the default landing page will be Home instead of My Drive by default. However, customers will have the ability to opt-out of this configuration and revert to the My Drive landing page by clicking the “Change to My Drive” option on the banner displayed on that page. That said, this will only change the landing page, the Home page will still be accessible and will not be removed. In the same vein, Workspace admins will not be able to control the rollout of this new view.

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