How to Obtain All Records

Lies Of P will give you roughly 30 to 57 hours of immersive adventuring. Throughout your travels in this game, there will be many collectibles you can discover. These collectibles range from pictures, letters, books, and more. Typically, if you gather all of one collectible, you will be rewarded.

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For example, collecting Full Moonstone Covenants is a way to enhance your weapons. The rewards vary depending on what kind of collectible you have. When it comes to collecting all the records in the game, it can get a little tricky and frustrating. Luckily, this guide is here to help.

About Records

These records can not only be collected, but you can also play them on the gramophone when you’re at Hotel Krat. In fact, if you find all 16 of these hidden records, it will help you discover the “True Ending”. You can obtain 10 of these records in your first playthrough. The other 6 can only be obtained through New Game Plus.

Some of the records will be able to be purchased from wandering merchants. However, they will be quite pricey. Be sure you stock up on currency prior to speaking with the merchants. The easiest way to farm Ergo is by killing various enemies.

If you work the game just right, you could get thousands upon thousands of Ergo in just an hour of playing. You will need at least 50,000 Ergo to be on the safe side. Two of the places you could farm Ergo are Krat Central Station and Barren Swamp Entrance. Here you should be able to make a comfortable amount if you’re worried about not having enough.

First Record: Feel

The Lies Of P character obtained the Feel record at the end of the Weeping Woman Quest.

You will find the Feel record at the Krat City Hall in Chapter 2 after the fairly quick Weeping Woman Side Quest.

Second Record: Divine Service

The Lies Of P character received the Divine Service Record at the end of Sister Cecile's Quest.

The Divine Service record can be obtained once you complete Sister Cecile’s Quest in Chapter 4. You must visit her after you kill the Archbishop, and she will gift you with the record.

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Third Record: Someday

The Lies Of P character is purchasing the Someday record from a merchant in the Red Lobster Inn.

The Someday record can be found at a merchant in Malum District in Chapter 5. After you spawn at the stargazer, head up the stairs on your left to go into the Red Lobster Inn. Climb the ladder straight ahead of you next to some barrels. At the top of the ladder you will see the merchant located near a bookcase. Ensure you have enough ergo as it will cost 3,800.

Fourth Record: Fascination

The Lies Of P character obtained the Fascination record located in Adelina's room.

To obtain the Fascination record, you must complete Adelina’s quest in Chapter 6 and visit her room after you defeat of of the hardest bosses in the game, the King Of Puppets. Leaving the stage area, go across the narrow beam, but be careful of the swinging chandelier.

When you get to the staircase, take the staircase to your left, then the staircase is located where you take a sharp right. Head down the hall and take a left, then take a sharp right. Turn to your left then head into the room to the left of the short stairs. You will notice a record player on the table.

Fifth Record: Quixotic

The Lies Of P character is obtaining the Quixotic record from the Red Fox and Black Cat.

In Chapter 7, you will receive the Quixotic record in the Grand Exhibition Conference Room. To obtain it, you must give a gold coin fruit to the red fox and the black cat. When you spawn, head straight inside past the large archway.

Continue up the large stairs ahead of you, then veer to your right and go up those stairs. At the top, you will veer to your right again and turn towards the multiple benches lined up at the railing. Take a right, and you will find who you are looking for. After their dialogue, they will give you the Quixotic record.

Sixth Record: Why

The Lies Of P character obtained the Why record as a reward for helping Belle.

The Why record can be obtained as a reward for completing Belle’s side quest in Chapter 9.

Seventh Record: Misty E’ra

The Lies Of P character obtained the Misty E'ra record by defeating the enemy in the Hermit's Cave.

In Chapter 9, you will be able to unlock the Hermit’s Cave after you decrypt the Rusty Cryptic Vessel. Defeat the enemy and you will receive the Misty E’ra record.

Eighth Record: Far East Princess

The Lies Of P character is obtaining the Far East Princess record from Eugenie.

It should be noted that whichever record you choose, 8 or 9, one will lock the other, which you can then only obtain in New Game + mode. When you spawn in Hotel Krat, head to the broken stone wall entrance to your left and head down the path with the lantern. Go up the hill and eventually you will come to an opening. Speak with Alidoro, who you must kill after the rabbit brotherhood boss fight, so you can get his vessel.

When prompted during the dialogue, attack Alidoro. He will not fight back, which while morally, it will feel wrong, it’s something that must be done. After you obtain Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel, decrypt Alidoro’s Vessel and read it prior to speaking with Eugenie. When given the choice to tell the truth or lie to Eugenie, lie to her and tell her you think he was just a talented stalker. By lying, you will obtain the Far East Princess record.

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Ninth Record: Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 (NG+)

The Lies Of P character is obtaining the Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 record.

Assuming you received the Far East Princess record, in NG+ if you tell Eugenie the truth, then you will now receive the Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 record. This will be vice versa, as if you previously told her the truth, now you must lie to her in NG+ to receive the Far East Princess record.

Tenth Record: Shadow Flower

The Lies Of P character is obtaining the Shadow Flower record in Chapter 11 at Ascension Bridge.

In Ascension Bridge, during Chapter 11, you will receive the Shadow Flower record but only if you chose “Gave Her Peace” as opposed to “Liberated from Arche Abbey” after you defeat the boss, Manus.

Eleventh Record: Memory Of Beach

The character in Lies Of P found the Memory Of Beach record after defeating Champion Victor.

After you defeat Laxasia The Complete in Chapter 11, you should go check Geppetto’s room. Keep in mind that you must have the Giangio Craft The Cure, and then you must instruct Polendina to administer the cure after you defeat the Champion Victor. If you don’t follow these steps, the record might not appear here. If you follow the steps, and it appears, it will be located on the chair a few feet from the table.

Twelfth Record: Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 (Golden NG+)

The Lies Of P character is purchasing the Golden Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 Record in NG+ from a wandering merchant.

You can only obtain the twelfth record in Chapter 1 while in NG+ mode. After you spawn at Ascension Bridge, you will see a wandering merchant near a clown painting. You can purchase the golden record for 6,000.

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Thirteenth Record: Quixotic (Golden NG+)

The Lies Of P character is purchasing the Golden Quixotic record from a merchant for 10,000.

The Golden Quixotic record can be found in NG+ mode at Ascension Bridge in Chapter 2. You will find a merchant inside the house on Elysion Boulevard. The merchant should be located in the room near your spawn area. This golden record will cost you 10,000.

Fourteenth Record: Shadow Flower (Golden NG+)

The Lies Of P character is purchasing the Golden Shadow Flower record from a wandering merchant for 10,000.

The Golden Shadow Flower record can be purchased from a merchant in the Lorenzini Arcade at Ascension Bridge in Chapter 7 of NG+. You may notice the wandering merchant next to the water fountain. This record will cost you another 10,000.

Fifteenth Record: Memory Of Beach (Golden NG+)

The Lies Of P character is purchasing the Golden Memory Of Beach record from a wandering merchant in an abandoned apartment.

For the Golden Memory Of Beach record, you will find the merchant located at Ascension Bridge in Chapter 9 in an abandoned apartment at the Bar and Grille. Head upstairs, then go into the room. The record will cost 10,000.

Sixteenth Record: Fascination (Golden NG+)

The Lies Of P character purchased the Golden Fascination record from Test Subject 826 for 10,000.

The final record can be found in Chapter 11 in NG+ mode. You must talk with Test Subject 826 in Arche Abbey Outer Wall. After ascending the elevator, veer to your left, and you will see the test subject next to some fire. After he finishes his dialogue, you must defeat Laxasia The Complete boss, then return to the Rosa Isabelle Street entrance to find Test Subject 826 again. When you spawn, go down the stairs ahead of you and through the archway.

Be aware of your surroundings as there are enemies nearby. Keep heading straight, then at the end, veer left through the open gate. Go down the short steps, turn right, then up another set of short steps before running up a longer set of steps. At the top, go to your right, and you’ll find Test Subject 826 next to the railing. You can now purchase the Golden Fascination record for 10,000.

You may have to open the shortcut door a little wider as it might block the NPC from moving to the other location.


The Lies Of P character is playing the records they've found to regain their humanity.

Once you have collected every record, you will also need to play them all. Thankfully, you don’t have to listen to each record all the way through. When you begin playing one, you can skip to the next. Collecting and playing these records will help you restore some Humanity if you have lied too many times. Listening to all of them will also give you the “Golden Melody” trophy/achievement.

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