I Love Smashing My Space Bar To Stomp Necromorphs In Dead Space


  • Stomping Necromorphs in the Dead Space remake is incredibly satisfying, especially when using the space bar on a mechanical keyboard.
  • Button-mashing the space bar like a madman is the most effective way to stomp the Necromorphs in the game, creating a satisfying and chaotic frenzy.

Have you ever stomped a cockroach? Not a nice opener, I know, but it’s important, so just go there with me for a moment. When you do it, what’s your method? Me, I like to do it with a shoe in my hand (due to an irrational fear that stomping it directly could cause it to burrow through the sole of my shoe and into my flesh like those evil beetles from the 1999 Brendan Fraser flick The Mummy).

I then proceed to smash it repeatedly, maybe while cursing at it for forcing me into such an unpleasant act of savagery. One stomp is rarely enough due to cockroaches’ stubborn refusal to die, so I go to town on that thing to make sure that it’s dead, dead, DEAD, before slumping wild-eyed against the wall and regaining control over my breath.


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Space for Improvement

That—minus the cleanup job afterwards—is precisely the feeling I get from stomping Necromorphs in the Dead Space remake, which, despite our glowing review, I’ve just got round to playing as it’s come to Game Pass and I’m scrambling to fill up my Game of the Year list (for which Dead Space is, if you’ll pardon the pun, a shoe-in). A big part of the appeal here is that I’ve been executing the move using a great big clackety space bar on my mechanical keyboard to unleash stompy carnage with Isaac’s steely Size 15 space engineer boot.

Just smash that space bar like a madman, and watch the blood splatter and limbs fly.

It may be the most satisfying single move I’ve done in gaming all year, bolstered by the industrial sounds of metal boot on squelchy flesh, then on metal ground, as the Necromorphs get dismembered underfoot.

Stomping a Necromorph in Dead Space

A big part of this revelation was switching from playing the game using a controller to a mouse-and-keyboard, which I’ve managed to set up nicely in front of my big TV. I made the switch because I couldn’t handle the ammo I was wasting with cumbersome controller aiming, and while initially the idea of using the space bar for attacks seemed unnatural—90% of the time it’s used for jumping or dodging in games—it all clacked into place once I started going to town on those chumps.

The trusty space bar is the loudest, biggest button on a keyboard, and even in moments of sheer panic you know where it is, so what more perfect use of it could there be than to smash screaming, scuttling monsters to pieces in a mad frenzy?

It gets even better. Because, trained by games like Elden Ring not to ‘panic-press’ buttons, I thought that getting in successive stomps was a case of timing, and started off by trying to approach it methodically like in the clip below (behold also my woeful shooting inaccuracy when playing with a controller):

But then it clicked with me that in fact button-mashing like a kid hopped up on Panda Pops playing one of those arcade track-and-field games (or me slamming a cockroach with a flip-flop) was the way to go. Just smash that space bar like a madman, and watch the blood splatter and limbs fly, like in this clip (featuring far-improved mouse-based accuracy too):

Setting a High Space Bar

It feels like a perfect congruence of videogame controls with in-game actions, with the satisfying clacks of the space bar supporting the clangy soundscape in the game. Stomping a necromorph to death is low-key one of my most satisfying gaming moments of 2023, and it wouldn’t be the same without that trusty old space bar. If you’re planning on giving the Dead Space remake a go, do yourself a favour and set yourself with a mouse and keyboard by any means necessary.


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Dead Space Remake

January 27, 2023

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