Apple just landed a patent that could kill the iPhone notch for good — here’s how

That camera notch you hate is about to go out of style, if Apple’s latest patent for displays with transparent openings actually ends up manifesting in future iPhones and MacBooks.

This could be huge for folks who can’t stand the sight of that damnable notch or the new Dynamic Island, because this patent lays out ways to embed a camera beneath an electronic display without compromising either image quality on the display or the quality of images and video captured by the camera.

The patent itself (Patent No. 11823620, brought to our attention by Patently Apple) details how an electronic device with a display could be designed with select “non-pixel regions” (aka “transparent windows in the display”) that allow light to pass through the display and hit the embedded optical sensor.

This illustration from Apple’s patent filing shows possible regions of a display that could be used as “transparent windows” to allow light to pass through and hit an embedded camera. (Image credit: Apple / U.S. PTO)

There’s a lot of technical detail in the patent about how this could be accomplished, and much of it boils down to moving elements of the display around or eliminating them in select regions to allow more light to pass through the display and hit the camera beneath it. 

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