How To Complete The Blind Well

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish is here, and it has brought a number of new activities to the game. However, The Blind Well isn’t something new. If you haven’t been with Destiny 2 for a long time, then I should probably help you recall the Season of the Haunted and its special event called Nightmare Containment, which was the closest thing we have had to The Blind Well in recent years.


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While the core of The Blind Well is quite similar to The Nightmare Containment, it has quite different mechanics with a number of buffs and debuffs that you need to learn about before delving into the mission. Otherwise, you will find yourself a dead body in the field that always needs a revival.

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August 28, 2017


How To Activate The Blind Well Event

Once you enter the arena, you will realize that there is a tall device in the middle called The Well. In order to kick off the event, you need to offer a Charge of Light to The Well. There are three different circular icons on it to receive Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Charge of Lights. So, you will first need to check your inventory to see which tier you already have.

Charges of Light can be farmed by completing The Blind Well event or Dreaming City patrols, but if you don’t have one, just join another session where other players can activate it, though you should’ve received at least a few Charges of Light by completing the season’s Week 1 quests.

Each tier sets the difficulty level of the mission and the value of the final loot. So, the higher the tier goes, the harder it is to complete the event, but you will have better loot in the end.

How To Complete The Blind Well Activity

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Once you kick off any tier of the event, five stages will be highlighted on the left side of your screen. The first four stages will simply ask you to kill the Taken enemies until the position you are defending fully charge. In each stage, you will defend a different position, and every time, a bubble will protect the defended area.

As long as you are inside the bubble, you will have a buff named “Touch of the Sky,” which saves you from dying. However, once you get out of the bubble to kill enemies, the buff will fade away after a few seconds and a debuff will be applied to your character, named “Touch of the Deep.” This debuff will begin to decrease your health gradually over time, and if you stay longer than enough in the area, you will eventually die.

Venturing out of the bubble for ammo is fine, but be quick about it!

That being said, there is actually a way to stand outside the bubble and still not get a debuff. In the third and fourth stages of The Blind Well, you will realize that some mini-bosses called “Servant of the Plague” spawn with a unique shield, and you won’t be able to break those shields. Well, that’s because you need a special buff to break the shield. This buff is called Harmony, and you can get it after killing an enemy type on the field called “The Anathema.” These are glowing enemies on the field that drop the Harmony buff after being defeated. The player who picks up Harmony will remain immune to the Touch of the Deep debuff for nearly 20 seconds. Also, with Harmony, you can break the shield of Servant of the Plague and kill it pretty easily.

The fifth stage of the event also uses a similar scenario. This time around, you will face three giant bosses in the arena that are shielded. So, you need to find The Anathema enemies and get the Harmony buff to kill all three bosses.


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How To Spawn The Final Boss

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After you complete the fifth stage, one of the players needs to interact with The Well again and offer an Unstable Charge of Light. Again, you should already have it through seasonal quests, but you also earn them after completing The Blind Well each time.

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Once you offer the Unstable Charge of Light, the final boss will spawn on the field, which is called Inomina. Similar to previous bosses and mini-bosses, Inomina is also shielded, but you have an easier way to take its shield down. If you look at the boss precisely, two greenish threads are coming out of its sides, with each one connected to a Taken core on one side of the battlefield. You simply need to get inside the range of those cores and fully destroy them to cut the connection between Inomina and the Taken. This will break the shield of the boss and begin a damage phase for all players to get rid of Inomina before it teleports elsewhere and activates its shield again.

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After killing the final boss, a chest will spawn next to The Well. You will receive at least one Unstable Charge of Light and one Charge of Light (Tier X) as your rewards along with other items.


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