Massive discount slashes 58% off these Belkin wireless ANC earbuds in this fantastic deal

Belkin SOUNDFORM Immerse Noise Cancelling Earbuds

$75 $180 Save $105

These wireless earbuds deliver when it comes to sound and ANC. The earbuds feature IPX5 water resistance, u to 31 hours of playback with an included charging case, and are now priced 58% below retail for a limited time.

There are a lot of great earbuds on the market, with some costing hundreds of dollars. But if you’re looking something that packs lots of features and doesn’t cost over $100, these Belkin SoundForm Immerse ANC earbuds are going to be for you. While these normally come priced at $179.99, you can now score a massive discount that drops the price to just $74.99 for a limited time.

What’s great about the Belkin SoundForm Immerse Noise Canceling Earbuds?

When it comes to earbuds, perhaps one of the most important elements of the product is going to be sound. The Belkin earbuds are able to deliver in this respect thanks to 12mm dual-layer dynamic drivers with neodymium magnets and support for aptX. The earbuds are lightweight, and look good in the ear, and also come in two colors.

As far as personalization options, Belkin does have a dedicated app for the earbuds, offering the ability to customize the EQ, and make adjustments to the ANC and Hear-Thru mode. Of course, this isn’t always the most convenient way to interact with wireless earbuds, so Belkin does include some physical controls on the device itself with the ability to toggle between ANC and Hear-Thru modes.

Furthermore, you can also control audio playback and also answer and hang up calls by tapping the side of the earbuds as well. You’re going to get excellent battery life with this unit, coming in at seven hours and an additional 24 hours with provided charging case. In addition, you ever happen to lose your earbuds, they do come with Apple’s Find My technology, making it a breeze to track them down.

Why buy Belkin SoundForm Immerse Noise Canceling Earbuds?

Overall, you’re getting a very capable pair of earbuds here with a lot of features, excellent sound, and ANC. Furthermore, you’re getting these at a discount that knocks 58% off, bringing them down to their lowest price yet. Of course, if this isn’t up your alley, or maybe you’re looking for cheaper, you can always check out our budget wireless earbuds recommendations.

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