Starfield Player Discovers Mind Blowing New Game+ Story Moment

Starfield lets you meet yourself if you play New Game+.

A Starfield player has discovered a pretty mind blowing ripple within the game’s New Game+ mode. Starfield is one of the biggest games of 2023, but it has died off a bit. The discussion around the game was quite exciting at launch, but it didn’t stay super relevant for long as games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, and others came out to draw the conversation away. RPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3 have also been showered with praise, making it a tad difficult for Starfield to compete. The Bethesda RPG didn’t even get nominated for Game of the Year, much to the surprise of many. However, in such a stacked year, there were a lot of snubs for the awards show.

Nevertheless, fans are still uncovering the game’s many mysteries. Even nearly 3 months after release, players are discovering things. The latest discovery is perhaps one of Starfield’s greatest moments: You can literally find yourself and speak to them. For some context, Starfield has a New Game+ system, but it’s an in-universe feature as opposed to just a new save file. You quite literally exist in the multiverse and are able to explore the story from new angles with new dialogue and even quests. It’s pretty neat and one of the most praised elements of the game for fans. However, it took 33 playthroughs before fans realized there can be an overlap. Twitter user NikoMueller went to visit the Constellation headquarters and ended up stumbling upon themself being acquainted with the Constellation. The player character turns to the… actual player and is stunned to see their doppelganger and a dialogue tree with unique dialogue opens up. The Twitter use confirmed that you can recruit this person as a companion, features the stats from the first playthrough, be introduced to their (or your?) parents, has a detailed past, and much more. Essentially, the blank slate character you created has come alive and is a fully-formed character now.

Whether you need to do 33 exact playthroughs of Starfield to see this or if it’s completely random is a mystery. It’s possible the chances of seeing it are just incredibly low and that’s why we have yet to hear about this, but it’s still pretty impressive it remained a secret for this long. It’s also possible this could lead to some incredibly strange and maybe even sinister side story within Starfield. It had previously been stated that Starfield also had voiced protagonists at one point during development, but that was scrapped early on. However, I guess it isn’t completely true since… this strange multiverse version of you exists.

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