Company Of Heroes 3 Players Label New Hammer & Shield DLC As An “Overpriced Scam”


  • Company of Heroes 3’s latest DLC pack, Hammer & Shield, has received mostly negative reviews from the community, with fans expressing their disbelief over its overpriced nature.
  • The DLC, priced at $16.99, has been criticized for its lack of substantial content compared to previous DLCs in the franchise, with users demanding refunds and calling it a scam.
  • The release of Hammer & Shield marked the final content update in the Fall/Winter roadmap for Company of Heroes 3, and it’s unclear if there are plans for further updates and expansions in 2024.

Company Of Heroes 3, the latest installment in the franchise, has caused outrage amongst its community for its latest DLC pack, Hammer & Shield. The expansion was released on December 5th and currently has a “mostly negative” review badge on Steam.

Developed by Relic Entertainment and published by SEGA, Company of Heroes 3 was released earlier this year to mixed reviews from fans. A large number of players have stated that Company of Heroes 3 is “not even in the same ballpark” as its predecessors, due to its plethora of bugs and overall lack of content. Now fans are expressing their disbelief over the “overpriced” expansion pack Hammer & Shield.


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Alongside the release of Hammer & Shield, Relic Entertainment also deployed a new patch update known as ‘Steel Shepherd 1.4.0’. The studio says the update is the “latest and largest update of the year.” The full patch notes, which you can check out right here, detail a long list of visual improvements, revamped menu experience, redesigned challenges, new maps, and much more.

As for the Hammer & Shield DLC, which is available to purchase now, Relic says the expansion “introduces two contrasting new Battlegroups for Multiplayer, Co-op and Single Player Skirmish,” while solo players will have “an all-new Campaign Company” that allows players to tackle the Italian Campaign with bold combined arms tactics. The new DLC also includes access to four new cosmetic packs, one for each army.

Company Of Heroes 3 Disappoints With Hammer & Shield Release

Company of Heroes 3 Console Release Date Revealed

With over 100 reviews at the time of writing this article, the Hammer & Shield DLC sits at the bottom of the barrel in terms of Steam review scores. One user has blasted the DLC by saying they “demand a refund” as Hammer & Shield is not “substantial” enough. “I firmly believe that this content should be priced at $5, if at all,” the user says in their review.

Hammer & Shield is priced at $16.99 or £14.99, which many believe to be far too expensive for the amount of content included in the DLC. Comparing the expansion with previous Company Of Heroes 2 DLCs, one user says, “You’re not getting a new faction for $20 like in COH2. You get like 5 new units and a few new abilities. Very disappointed with this franchise.”

You only need to have a quick scroll through the DLC’s reviews to see words such as “scam” and “overpriced” thrown around. In comparison, Company Of Heroes 2’s most expensive DLC, Case Blue Mission Pack, was priced at $9.99 and includes two AI battles, two solo challenges, and one co-op scenario.

As for what’s next for Company Of Heroes 3, the release of Hammer & Shield marked the final entry in the game’s Fall/Winter roadmap, which included three major content updates known as Emerald Bear (released in July), Umber Wasp (released in October), and the latest Steel Shepherd. It’s yet to be confirmed if Relic has more plans for further content updates and expansions in 2024.

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Company of Heroes 3


February 23, 2023

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