Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Monster-taming games are known for raising your acquired creatures to make them more powerful. In Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, there are numerous mechanics in place that allow you to get the most powerful end results possible. The mainline Dragon Quest games are overwhelmingly popular and have spawned many Spin-offs, with Dragon Quest Monsters acting as its entry in the monster-taming genre.


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Two of the most important factors to getting the best monsters are gaining Talent Points for your Talents, and obtaining a monster through the Synthesis mechanic. On their own, each of them provides you with a substation boost to performance, but when used together, can create a monster greater than the sum of its parts.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

December 1, 2023


How To Gain Talent Points

Getting Talent Points Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince Talent Points

Talent Points are Dragon Quest Monsters’ equivalent of experience points. These are not as streamlined as the Pokemon games, with players needing to manually invest where these points are applied. A scouted monster is able to obtain a total of 200 Talent Points for you to allocate — and will obtain them throughout the course of leveling up to level 100. While this does average out to 2 Talent points per level, you will not get Talent Points at every level.

Most levels that reward Talent Points will give the monster 9 Talent Points, with some levels giving 12 Talent Points, and level 100 giving 15 Talent Points. When you want to spend your Talent Points, you will open your menu and go down to the “Talent Points” option. This will then list out all the monsters in your Main Party and your Reserves on the left side — as well as list out their Talents on the right side. Each monster will show their unspent talent points, as well as how many Talent Points they have invested in the Talents they have.

How To Invest In Talents

Large and Small Monsters Synthesis Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince Talent Points (2)

Each monster you scout will come with 2 Talents for you to pour your Talent Points into. If you have 15 Talent Points, you can put 10 in the monster’s first Talent and 5 in the second Talent. As you invest points in a Talent, it will unlock any Trait and/or skill associated with that Talent once it has enough points invested. Traits are the more passive of the two, such as increases to maximum health. Skills are the more active option, such as the Orders that your monster will be able to receive when you want it to attack. You will see the Required Points for each of these listed on the right side.

Once a Talent has enough Talent Points invested in it that reaches or surpasses this number, it will unlock for the Monster. Talents will give progressively stronger and better rewards as you invest more points in the same one — with some of the best options requiring 100 Talent Points invested in the Talent. Sometimes you may come across a monster with a Rare Talent. These are Talents they will not normally have access to and can be a game changer for some party compositions. If you fully max out a Talent, you will have acquired every Trait and Skill it has to offer, but there is another benefit to maxing out a Talent. Once a Talent has become maxed out, it has a chance of evolving and becoming even more powerful than normal.


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Talent Points & Synthesis

Synthesis Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince Talent Points

Combining two creatures is nothing new to the monster-taming genre — all the best monster taming games seem to have it as a staple. It is present in many other well-known entries of the genre, such as Persona, Monster Rancher, and even as breeding in Pokemon — and it can be unlocked relatively early in the game. Unlike scouted monsters, which only have 2 Talents, monsters you obtain through Synthesis will have 3 Talents. While scouted monsters reach a total of 200 Talent Points by the time they reach level 100, monsters you obtain through Synthesis will have a total of 300 Talent Points.

When you Synthesize a monster, it will inherit half of the Talent Points that have been invested in the Talents of its parents. It will also inherit half of the combined unspent Talent Points of its parents. With Talents offering lots of passive and automatic skills, this makes Synthesized monsters vastly more powerful than anything you will catch in the wild — mostly due to the fact that some of these passives will increase their base stats such as health and damage output, so having 3 Talents and 50% more points puts them in a league of their own.

Factoring In Monster Size For Talents

Large and Small Monsters Synthesis Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince Talent Points

Lastly, you will see a lot of monsters out in the wild that will have an “S” on them, while some of the others have an “L” on them. This lets you know which of them are small and which are large. You get small and large variants of the same kind of monsters, but large monsters take up 2 slots in your party. This is balanced by them being able to perform more than just 1 move in battle. This allows them to buff themselves and allies on the same turn that they can let loose an attack — or use multiple attacks in a single turn after an ally has buffed them on the previous turn. When you synthesize a large monster and evolve its Talents, you end up with something truly monstrous.


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