Hulu documentary ‘We Live Here: The Midwest’ shows the lives of LGBTQ families in Midwest

ByJason Knowles

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 6:17PM

Hulu documentary 'We Live Here' focuses on LGBTQ families in Midwest

CHICAGO — A new Hulu documentary that recently premiered in Chicago focuses on the lives of five LGBTQ+ families in the Midwest.

Filmmakers David Miller and Melinda Maerker are behind “We Live Here: The Midwest.”

“The Midwest is really sort of the heartland of family values and we wanted to show that these families have family values just like any other family,” Miller said.

The documentary premiered at the Gene Siskel Film Center in the Loop. While the goal was, in part, to normalize their families, their sharing their experiences was an act of bravery.

“It was hard finding families because so many people felt that recrimination would follow and they feared for their jobs, they feared how they would be perceived in their communities so we were very careful with that process,” said Maerker.

“Even though gay marriage passed, there’s still a lot of discrimination happening,” said Miller.

Miller and Maerker said the families in their film just want to be part of their communities without prejudice.

“Because this film is really not just about issues, it’s about people. And we really present a humanistic side to show what family is like for the LGBTQ community,” Miller said.

“Ultimately we hope that this sparks conversation. That it just makes you think a little more,” said Maerker.

The filmmakers said they hope that people who may not always agree with LGBTQ+ equality will also tune in to better understand that community.

You can watch “We Live Here: The Midwest” on Hulu, starting on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Please note: Disney is the parent company of Hulu and ABC7 Chicago.

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