Intel’s Emerald Rapids CPUs set to surpass Sapphire Rapids performance benchmarks

The 5th Gen Xeon CPUs will be based on the Intel 7 process node

Key Takeaways

  • Intel’s newly launched Emerald Rapids processors feature faster Raptor Cove cores and boast higher core counts, with the highest processor expected to have 64 cores.
  • The Emerald Rapids CPUs also come with an increased L3 cache of 5MB per core, compared to the previous 1.875MB per core in the Sapphire Rapids series.
  • While specific details on DDR5 support are yet to be provided, the CPUs will have enhanced Ultra Path Interconnect (UPI) for scalability, with a bumped-up UPI speed of 20 GT/s. Emerald Rapids CPUs will also have eight-channel memory support.

Despite a series of delays, Intel finally launched its Sapphire Rapids processors at the beginning of 2023. With the ability to support 60 cores on one chip, it demonstrated significant performance improvements compared to its predecessors. Now, the company is looking to expand upon its developments with its Emerald Rapids 5th Gen Xeon CPUs.

Newly leaked details from @InstLatX64 on Twitter suggest that Intel’s Emerald Rapids processors — which are slated to debut on Dec. 14 — will be based on Raptor Cove cores. These are notably faster than the Golden Cove cores featured in Emerald Rapids’ predecessor, Sapphire Rapids. Additionally, the 5th Gen Xeon CPUs will have more cores. Although Intel hasn’t announced the official core count on each Emerald Rapids die, the highest processor is expected to have 64 cores. In terms of CPU cache, the new processors will have more L3 cache than what was featured in the Sapphire Rapids series — Intel has boosted L3 cache from 1.875MB per core to 5MB per core. Specific details also haven’t been provided on Emerald Rapids’ DDR5 support, but the CPUs will have more than previous chips, as well as an enhanced Ultra Path Interconnect (UPI) for scalability. It’s believed that the UPI speed has been bumped up from 16 GT/s to 20 GT/s, and Emerald Rapids will have two memory controllers per die — this suggests that the CPUs will have eight-channel memory support, which is what was seen in Sapphire Rapids.

Previously, hardware leaker @momomo_us on Twitter shared details on the Emerald Rapids CPU, suggesting that Intel will target several price tiers and audiences. For example, the entry-level processors will likely have no more than six cores, while the higher-end models tout up to 64 cores. For now, the price points on these processors remain undisclosed. That being said, all of the details will be made official when Emerald Rapids launches on Dec. 14, meaning it might be worth withholding speculation for the time being.

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