One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers Tease How Bonney Escaped The Sobert Kingdom


  • The last chapter of One Piece explores Kuma and Bonney’s sacrifice for her health, highlighting their emotional farewell and Kuma’s compliance as a Warlord.
  • The upcoming chapter will focus on Bonney’s daring escape from the Sorbet Kingdom, showcasing her courage and the emergence of a new pirate force.
  • Chapter 1101 delves into Kuma’s past with the Revolutionary Army and his connection to Luffy, revealing Dragon’s keen knowledge and a mysterious boy.

The last chapter of One Piece talks about Kuma and Bonney’s sacrifice for her health. Kuma accepted being transformed into a cyborg to ensure Bonney’s cure, facing a tough deal with Saturn. As they underwent treatment together, Kuma’s lies to keep Bonney hopeful revealed his true sacrifice: a separation. The chapter focused on their emotional farewell, Bonney’s obliviousness, and Kuma’s compliance as a Warlord, setting a perfect stage for Chapter 1101 of the manga series.


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The upcoming chapter of One Piece will focus on Bonney’s daring escape from the Sorbet Kingdom. Determined to find her father, Kuma unleashes her hidden powers against Alpha and punches her with a giant force. As Bonney flees, the World Government becomes aware of her escape, hinting at a new era of piracy as her fisherman ship transforms into a formidable pirate vessel. The chapter highlights Bonney’s courage and sets the stage for a thrilling pursuit and the emergence of a new pirate force.

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One Piece Chapter 1101 Release Schedule

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One Piece Chapter 1101 is scheduled for an official release on Sunday, December 10th, at 7:00 AM PT. Viz Media and Manga Plus are your way to go to read the upcoming chapter. Follow the schedule given below to catch the new chapter as soon as it drops.

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One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers

One Piece chapter 1101 spoilers

In Chapter 1101, titled “Dear Bonney,” Kuma delves into a flashback within a flashback (Yes, Inception fans might find this interesting), recalling a journey with the Revolutionary Army in the Goa Kingdom. He recalls Dragon’s keen knowledge of the land and a curious visit to a distant village to observe a mysterious boy. Questioning Dragon’s intent, Kuma decides to respect his leader’s secrecy, choosing not to pry further into the matter.

At Mt. Colubo, Kuma arrives during a flashback, finding Luffy, who’s 16 at this time, practicing his Gum-Gum Battle Axe attack in secrecy. Observing, Dragon reflects on parental vulnerability. Abruptly, a call summons Kuma from the World Government, while Luffy senses an eerie presence but finds Kuma has vanished. Pondering, Luffy assumes a powerful creature lurks in the forest, yet to face his might.

Departing Dawn Island on World Government orders, Kuma aids a merchant ship attacked by pirates, ensuring their surrender. Kuma’s letters to Bonney express his love and dreams of future travels. Yet, in the Sorbet Kingdom, Alpha intercepts and destroys these heartfelt missives. Bonney, unaware, awaits Kuma’s letters in vain. Concealing her powers, as instructed by Conney, Bonney keeps her abilities secret from Alpha and the medical team.

At Vegapunk’s lab, Kuma encounters Stussy’s clone, and they talk about humans and their consciousness. Vegapunk asserts the clone’s humanity. With an apple head, Vegapunk explains Kuma’s impending modification, erasing memories and emotions. Only one year remains before the surgery while Kuma aids the Revolutionary Army. Dragon and comrades sense a hidden motive behind Kuma’s sudden silence, recognizing there’s more to his behavior than meets the eye.

On Bonney’s 9th birthday, Kuma’s letters didn’t come. A year later, fully healed, Alpha confined her till she turned 10. Meanwhile, suspicions grew about the medical team’s ties to the World Government. The Sorbet Kingdom planned Bonney’s escape, disguising a fisherman’s ship as a pizza-themed vessel and disguising Bonney as Conney. Alpha realized the trick and chased her, threatening to stop her. Remembering Kuma’s words, Bonney unleashed Distortion Future, hitting like Luffy’s Gear 3. With a powerful punch, Bonney broke free, escaping the Sorbet Kingdom.

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December 24, 1997



Viz Media, Manga Plus

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