Disney Dreamlight Valley’s DLC Is Everything I Wanted


  • The new DLC in Disney Dreamlight Valley adds fresh content while still honoring past achievements, creating a fun and cohesive experience.
  • The DLC introduces a new Isle for construction and allows players to explore new areas, preserving the original Valley and keeping progress intertwined.
  • With new materials for decoration and the ability to bring decorations from the Valley to the Isle, players have more options to customize and create their ideal Disney Park neighborhood.

When it comes to life simulator games like Disney Dreamlight Valley, I like to do a bit of everything. With every change of season, I love to become a master decorator, and when all my supplies have been used up for pathways or outdoor furniture, I love to dive back into the Disney narrative and turn my attention to the main story and character quests.

Personally, I threw my grand plans for an Elegant Gazebo right out the window the moment the Woody and Buzz’s quest arrived. These several options of in-game activities had drawn me into playing Disney Dreamlight Valley in the first place, so I was thrilled to see that the new Rift in Time DLC added new content for pretty much every activity that was established during the base game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has created a very fun DLC experience because it adds just enough newness but still maintains and even celebrates all the past achievements that the player has done in the base game. Old friends mixed with a new adventure is a formula for fun anytime.


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From Valley to Isle

Disney Dreamlight Player With Stitch,Gaston, And Olaf

Many of us have spent a year making our own version of a Disney Park neighborhood. We’ve unlocked every character by traveling to movie worlds, painstakingly completed all the sidequests to get the maximum friendship level, and have obtained so, so many moonstones to adorn these characters in their beloved and iconic outfits.

All of this is why the DLC, which has villagers from the base game join the player at the new Eternity Isle, feels like a real expansion and not just a minor addition. Unlike other life simulator games that offer extended features that take you away from your base game to new characters or new objectives completely, Disney Dreamlight Valley still gives a refreshing change of pace but allows you to explore the game’s new features with your buddy character as you go back and forth from Eternity Isle to Dreamlight Valley. This was a big marketed advertisement with the DLC, because the developers knew just how much players care for their favorite Disney character in the game. For me, that’s my girl Minnie. Seeing all the characters you’ve unlocked, old and new, hanging out together not only gives the new story emotional weight that makes you want to finish the quests, but it also keeps the world cohesive.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Glittering Dunes and Wild Tangle

It also encourages players to keep making progress, not just in the new DLC, but back in the base game, as everything becomes intertwined, including the ability to find hidden treasure back in the Valley. If I had to leave my pals Goofy and Donald behind, the characters who have helped me fish and forage for pretty much every quest I’ve worked on, it would have been a devastating and tearful move over to the Isle, and doing any future quests just would not have felt the same.

The game’s response was to throw players a lifeline that not only created a new Isle for construction, but also creates the option of preservation for your original Valley.

While exploring the Valley for the first time was fun, Eternity Isle had me running around and wanting to peek around every corner. Right from the start with EVE’s mission, you are tasked with finding a hidden room behind a waterfall. It takes a bit of searching to find it, but when you do, it’s a fascinating sight with a much different aesthetic to the base game. Instead of just having a greenery park setting like the Plaza or Peaceful Meadow in the Dreamlight Valley that you first entered into, The Docks at Eternity Isle look like a marketplace in a mystical, overgrown jungle structure.

The exploring doesn’t stop with EVE though. Rather, it teaches you that whether you’re with Gaston in The Glittering Dunes or with Rapunzel in The Wild Tangle, or following Jafar’s holographic commands, you should expect to follow the characters through a new story that opens fun passageways not easy to spot at first glance. This has given the Isle a great sense of exploration, adventure, and quantity that makes you want to keep searching for Mist to unlock every setting possible.


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No Demolition Decision

Disney Dreamlight Valley Books Flying Around Belle

Speaking of different aesthetics, don’t worry decorators, I haven’t forgotten about you. The Rift in Time DLC in Disney Dreamlight Valley tackled a main stressor of life simulator games: the demolition decision. Should you start all over to add some new excitement to the game after decorating for months on end, or should you preserve your hard work but find yourself stepping away from the game more often? Disney Dreamlight Valley knows that a year after release, players would start to contemplate this hard decision. The game’s response was to throw players a lifeline that not only creates a new Isle for construction but also gives the option to preserve your original Valley.

The new expansive world has acres and acres of sand and forest that are calling to be decorated. Just like DLC should, A Rift In Time offers a ton of new materials for decoration. With 89 new pieces of furniture and 18 different fences and pavement options added, you can either decide to have a change of pace from your decorating style at the Valley and go for the Isle’s ancient, forest, and sandy décor, or just like with the characters from the base game, you can bring any decorations from your Valley over to Eternity Isle. New items and your most hard-earned decorations can now be side by side on the new Isle.

New foods to make, new decorations to craft, and the possibility of taking a selfie with Merlin, Gaston, and Rapunzel at the same time sums up a fantastic first DLC. While there is plenty to be excited for right now, there are hints here from Merlin himself that neighboring ports could lead to even more places in the future. Regardless of what characters are next, Disney Dreamlight Valley is going to be a game that just keeps growing, and I for one can’t wait for the next two parts of A Rift in Time DLC when they release.


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