Monster Hunter Wilds Revealed

Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise is getting a new game in 2025.

During The Game Awards, Capcom closed out the show with a look at Monster Hunter Wilds, a new entry in the publisher’s massively popular series. The game will not be releasing until 2025, so details are very slim at this time. The trailer for the game offered a stunning glimpse at a new world, which was filled with herds of monsters. Capcom has noted that more information on the game will be coming in the summer of 2024, so fans will have to wait a while before we learn anything else about it. 

The first trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds can be found below. 

Monster Hunter Wilds Platforms

When it does release, Monster Hunter Wilds will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The Monster Hunter series has been massively successful for Capcom since its debut in 2004, selling millions of copies worldwide. In fact Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise are the two best-selling Capcom games ever, having sold 19.10 million units and 13.60 million copies respectively. It remains to be seen whether Monster Hunter Wilds will have similar success, but given the popularity of the franchise, it seems like a very safe bet. 

Capcom in 2024

Monster Hunter Wilds might not be releasing until 2025, but Capcom already has several major games announced for 2024. On January 25th, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy will release. March 22nd will also see the release of Dragon’s Dogma 2. Outside of those two games, Capcom will also be releasing Pragmata at some point in 2024; however, it’s worth noting that the game has been delayed several times now, and it’s still unclear exactly when it might release. In fact, Capcom has still given very little information about Pragmata, and what players can expect from the gameplay. It’s possible that could change early next year, but there’s simply no way of knowing for sure. 

With a new Monster Hunter now confirmed, fans of Resident Evil are no doubt wondering what might be next for that series. Monster Hunter might be Capcom’s biggest franchise, but Resident Evil has long been a close second. In 2023, fans were treated to the excellent remake of Resident Evil 4, but there’s been no announcement about what will come next. It’s possible Capcom is working on a wholly-new game following Resident Evil Village, or perhaps another remake of a past title. Fans have spent years begging for a remake of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica, and Capcom is well aware of that demand. However, it’s also possible the publisher could instead decide to continue the numbered series entries and offer a remake of Resident Evil 5. For now, fans of the series will just have to wait and see! 

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