Nicolas Cage Regrets Losing Superman Movie, Had Approached David Bowie to Write Theme Song

Superman Lives is the one that got away for Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage says that he regrets losing that Superman movie in the 1990s. He even revealed that he had approached David Bowi to make the theme song for the film. Variety saw the actor speak at the Red Sea Film Festival and he was in the mood to reminisce. He attributes the movie not happening to executives being scared away by the budget. Cage explained, “The studio wanted Renny Harlin and were frightened it would cost too much money so they shut it down.” The beloved actor admits that losing Superman is one of the biggest regrets of his career. He was filming City of Angels at the time and thought the turn as the Son of Krypton was coming right up.

As Cage was speaking at the Red Sea Film Festival, he also shared a wild acting choice he would have employed during the Tim Burton-directed Superman. His character in City of Angels rarely blinked. Well, that decision was in prep fr Kat-El of Kryptonl. Cage thought it would make Superman feel more otherworldly as a result. (He’s probably right about that one! Just reading it sounds very strange.) A lot of attention has been paid to what could have been with the Nicolas Cage Superman movie in recent years for obvious reasons. It will remains one of geek culture’s big what if’s for a long time.

Nic Cage’s Big Superman Cameo

Recently, Cage talked about actually being on-set for his cameo in The Flash. One problem would be that he didn’t do any of that flying around during that time he was in the suit. The prospective Superman Lives star told Yahoo Movies that he had a lot of praise for Andy Muschietti. But, he was clearly just as shocked by the finished product in The Flash as much of the audience was. Certain fans absolutely adored the nod to complicated character history. But, others were probably lost in the sauce.

“First and foremost, I was on set,” Cage shared. “They did put a lot of time into building the suit … and I think [Andy Muschietti] is a terrific director, he is a great guy and a great director, and I loved his two It movies. … What I was supposed to do was literally just be standing in an alternate dimension, if you will, and witnessing the destruction of the universe. Kal-El was bearing witness [to] the end of a universe, and you can imagine with that short amount of time that I had, what that would mean in terms of what I can convey. I had no dialogue [so had to] convey with my eyes the emotion. So that’s what I did. I was on set for maybe three hours.”

Nic Cage Stars On DC Comics Superman Cover

(Photo: DC)

After The Flash‘s cameo-fest made waves, DC also rolled out a special Superman/Batman: World’s Finest #19 cover featuring Cage’s Man of Steel. Dan Mora was the artist on the September cover and talked to Rolling Stone about getting to capture this iconic suit in an official DC Comic. Cage’s Superman actually has an N on his chest insignia, probably as a it of a joke about the entire situation. There’s been no shortage of celebrities on the cover of Superman over the years, but this one feels a bt different considering the shared history at play.

“I grew up watching Nic Cage’s movies and am a big fan of his. I was excited that he finally got a chance to play Superman in The Flash and I did my best to pay tribute to him in that role,” Dan Mora told Rolling Stone, adding, “Nic is a great actor that injects so much energy into his roles. You can’t help but imagine what his Superman would be like.”

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