Best gaming Ethernet cables in 2023

Take your gaming experience to the next level with these Ethernet cables.

If you are a serious gamer, you know how important it is to have a fast and reliable internet connection. Whether you are playing games online, streaming your gameplay, or downloading the latest updates, you don’t want to deal with lag, packet loss, or an unstable connection. Even the best gaming laptops built-in Wi-Fi often isn’t enough for competitive gaming, and that’s why we recommend that you play with an Ethernet cable that can deliver the best performance for your gaming setup. Today, we will take you through our favorite Ethernet cables on the market and explain what features you should look for when choosing one.

  • A render of the AmazonBasics Cat7 Ethernet cable on a transparent background.

    AmazonBasics Cat7 Ethernet Cable

    Best overall

    The best cable for the most people.

    The Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat7 Ethernet cable is a high-speed network cable that supports bandwidths up to 10 Gbps. It is compatible with all Ethernet devices, such as routers, switches, modems, computers, and even gaming consoles. The cable has gold-plated connectors and a durable PVC jacket for optimal performance and durability. You can also pick up this cable in various lengths and colors to suit your own gaming needs. 

  • A render of the CableGeeker Cat6 flat Ethernet cable on a transparent background.

    CableGeeker Cat6 Flat Ethernet Cable

    Best flat cable

    $8 $10 Save

    The CableGeeker Cat6 Flat Ethernet cable is a high-performance cable that supports fast and reliable data transfer for gaming. It features a flat design that reduces tangling while also saving you space and a durable structure that combines PVC and twisted cores for durability. This Cat6 cable has a high bandwidth of up to 500 MHz and 10 Gbps. 

  • A render of the GearIT Cat6 outdoor Ethernet cable on a transparent background.

    GearIT Cat6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable

    Best long cable

    $40 $49 Save

    The Gear IT Cat67, outdoor Ethernet cable, is a high-performance cable that can withstand harsh elements while delivering fast and reliable network connectivity. The cable is designed with a UV-resistant PE jacket and a water-resistant gel filling that protects the cable from moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. You can also buy this cable in a range of lengths, with 250 feet being the longest cable available. 

  • A PNG render of the Monoprice Cat6 Ethernet patch cable from Monoprice on a transparent background.

    Monoprice Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable

    Best budget

    $6 $7 Save

    If you need a reliable and fast Ethernet cable for gaming, you should consider the Monoprice Cat6 Patch Cable. This cable comprises pure bare copper conductors that ensure high-speed data transmission and minimal interference. It also features a snagless boot design that protects the plug from damage. 

  • A PNG render of the UGREEN Cat6 braided Ethernet cable on a transparent background.

    UGREEN Cat 6 Braided Ethernet Cable

    Best braided cable

    The UGREEN Cat 6 Braided Ethernet Cable is a high-performance cable that delivers fast and reliable network connectivity. IT supports up to 10 Gbps data transfer speed and is compatible with all devices with an RJ-45 port. The cable is made of durable nylon braided material that resists tangling and bending. It also features gold-plated connectors that ensure corrosion resistance and optimal signal quality. 

  • A PNG render of the DanYee Cat8 Ethernet cable on a transparent background.

    DanYee Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

    Best cat8 cable

    $7 $8 Save

    The DanYee Cat 8 Ethernet cable is a high-performance networking cable that supports bandwidth up to 2000 MHz and transmission speeds up to 40 Gbps. It’s backward compatible with Cat7, Cat6, Cat5, and even Cat5e cable standards and connects to any device with an RJ-45 port. The DanYee Cat8 Ethernet cable is made from 100% pure copper wire with gold-plated RJ-45 connectors and a durable PVC jacket. 

  • A png render of the UGreen Cat7 Ethernet cable on a transparent background.

    UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

    Best cat7

    $7 $8 Save

    The UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet cable is a high-performance network cable that supports speeds up to 10 Gbps and bandwidth up to 600 MHz. It’s compatible with various gaming devices, from PCs to consoles and even Smart TVs. The cable has a durable PVC jacket and gold-plated RJ-45 connectors to ensure reliable and stable data transmission. 

  • A PNG render of the Smolink Cat 6a Ethernet cable on a transparent background. The cables appear in two images in the picture, one in the top left showing the entire cable, while the main-center image is a larger shot the same cable.

    Smolink Cat 6a Ethernet Cable

    Best cat6a

    The Smolink Cat 6a Ethernet cable supports up to 10 Gbps speeds and 750 MHz bandwidth. It is ideal for connecting computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. The cable features a durable PVC jacket, gold-plated RJ-45 connectors, and twisted wires with aluminum foil shielding to reduce crosstalk and interference with other signals. 

Everything you need to know about the best gaming Ethernet cables

When you are looking to buy an Ethernet cable for gaming, you’ll first need to settle on a category, or Cat, of the Ethernet cable you are buying. Typically, the higher the Cat number, the faster data speeds are, but most users don’t necessarily need the highest standards. Cables like the DanYee Cat8 Ethernet cable that we highlighted provide 40Gbps data transfer speed, but this makes the most sense for a business environment or a house that has multiple people streaming and gaming online at the same time. You’ll want to base your search off your home internet speed, as well as by taking a look at which category of Ethernet cables your router supports.

The AmazonBasics Cat7 Ethernet cable took our top spot because it’s an affordable cable that provides the highest speeds that make sense for home Internet use, and gives you a comfortable amount of room when it comes to future proofing. A good alternative, however, is the CableGeeker Cat6 cable. This cable provides the most common speeds for online gaming, and the flat design makes cable management much easier in your setup.

The market for Ethernet cables is inundated with options, and today we’ve highlighted some of our favorite cables that we use in our home networks. Personally, I’ve been using the CableGeeker Cat6 flat cable for my PlayStation 5, and it’s flat, white design is great for keeping the cable invisible in my living room. We also have other guides for all the PC and laptop accessories that you need, so don’t fret if you’ve bought a new computer and are wondering what to pick up next.

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