My Oura ring knew I was pregnant before I did — here were the early signs

I’ve been wearing my Oura ring for over a year now, and it’s one of my favorite wearables to date. I love how the ring has allowed me to make positive changes that have really impacted my health — it showed me at a glance when I wasn’t resting enough while marathon training, how much that glass of wine was affecting my sleep, and how my menstrual cycle affected my ability to train hard in the gym. All while looking like a piece of jewelry, rather than a sports watch. 

Yet it wasn’t until June that I realized my tracker held a lot more knowledge than I’d anticipated, as the ring showed signs I was pregnant weeks before I took a positive test. Can wearables detect pregnancy? I found the Oura ring could — read on to find out more about the early signs the fitness tracker detected. 

Can Oura track your menstrual cycle? 

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